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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

easeus data recovery

We sometimes lose a lot of useful data on our hard drive by pressing the delete button. Sometimes, unwanted web browsing, software or pen drive viruses shut down our hard drive. In situations this this, a good quality hard drive file recovery software that can retrieve lost data is super useful. Data deleted from a hard drive never gets completely lost. Even if you do not see any files, folders, they are actually present on the hard drive.

Like you have deleted a file and it has gone to recycle. But whenever you delete it from Recycle Bin, then you thought the file was necessary! With that thought, this file will never get back! If your thinking is normal, you will find it unusual to know that this file is not completely deleted from your hard drive or your computer. All you need is an effective way to get rid of deleted data from the hard drive.

In this case, your data can only be recalled by a good quality data retrieval software. The best-performing data recovery software is called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. With this software, you can easily recover lost, lost, lost data. Let’s know the details of the software:

What Is It?

It is the best data recovery software. The biggest Advantage is it provides a free service. It is best free data recovery software ever. It also best for hard drive recovery. Let’s learn how to recover hard drive data by using this wizard.

Do Some Work Before Recovering

First, check your hard drive, how it is in position. Your hard drive stopped supporting, this does not mean always, but your drive is dead. Many times the connection between computers can be a problem. Maybe there may be a connector interface or power problem. If there is a problem with supporting the drive, it is necessary to first open the computer and remove the connectors from the drive and keep it again. Make sure that the hard drive is properly connected to your computer.

You can see there are two types of gray and red for the SATA and IDE. Then there is no SATA interface cable. This is both sure to remove and clean it properly. If possible use air dust removal can do that. You must connect SATA interface cable and SATA power connector or 4-pin connector Moelx to connect it to the drive back. Check your motherboard for time SATA connectors. Now turn on your computer.

Also, check if your computer’s hard drive is broken or torn off due to some reason. Sometimes a hard drive can become infected with the virus. In that case, you can install a good up-to-date anti-virus and scan it.

How To Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard To Recover Data

  • First, open the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
  • Then select a specific location from where you want to recover data.

  • After select your specific location, then click on ‘Scan’.
  • Then it will take a few seconds for scanning, then you will get your result. After getting your deleted or formatted file, you can recover them by click on the recover button. Mark those that you want to retrieve. Then press the Recover button.

If you do not get the desired data in this case, then use its Deep Scan option. It will scan your hard drive very deeply, and find the desired files. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is also the world’s best and most trusted data retrieval software to recover deleted files. You can use it faithfully.

What Should You Do If It Fails To Recover Data?

If it cannot retrieve the data, then you should go to a servicing center. Check your hard drive by the expert there. Sometimes the hard drive condition can get worse, and it may be completely damaged. There is nothing else to do. Then, the hard drive is considered to be canceled. So, be aware of the time. Backup important data on your hard drive. You can also use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to backup your hard drive data. It also backups data as well as data recovery.

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