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Easing Women’s Path In The Tech World

women's path in tech

Do you know that the enrollment of girls from schools to colleges is quite low? Are you aware that the girls opting for life sciences and tech courses are rarer still? This is not only in India but across the world, the scenario is quite similar. No wonder, women are under estimated in the jobs related to tech world. The thing that is of concern is the growing disparity between the number of male employees to the number of female employees in tech jobs. Let’s look into how we can remedy this situation.

Latest Buzzing Tech Trends

If you ask what are top three buzzing technologies that are shifting the way things are done then I will answer with big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Seeing such a trend, leaders in e-learning like Intellipaat are providing courses on DevOps, big data Cognos and many others. DevOps is a good and growing field for women to begin their career with. To get the most of visualization, DevOps automates the life-cycle process. A developer can automate all testing so that he can develop the system and increase the business value. Without corrupting the data, a developer can bring production data into DevOps process. Other than big data this is a very good tech field for women to help them bolster their career.

How Women Should Face The Tech World

Do you know that women CEOs and founders of a firm are at a disadvantage in getting funds? Venture capitalists and seed-stage investors are increasingly betting on male headed firms and ignoring the female headed ones. According to researchers from Babson and Wellsley colleges, from 2011 to 2013, in 7000 companies women CEOs only got 3% venture funding; a mere $1.5 billion out of total $50.8 billion. Adding salt to the fresh wound even if a member was found to be a woman then funding would get lower. It was found that a board with only men was 4 times more likely to get funding than a board where there was a single female present.

It’s not just coding or programming but a myriad other careers to choose from. Never should women look down upon themselves as compared to men especially in IT. If you are a woman, don’t think that men are better than you in logical aspects or any such stereotypes. In tech world, it’s true that promotions and networking opportunities go to men more than women. But you should make your presence felt in the company with your hard work, getting work done within time to be eligible for higher positions in the company. You should undertake mentoring programs to seek assistance from those who know the in and out of the industry. You should subscribe yourself for newsletters, weekly, magazines related to science and technology to keep yourself up to speed. Hiring and promotion processes if made transparent will greatly increase the employment and retention rates of women as the employer can’t reject a deserving candidate just because she’s a woman.

You should also not try to undermine your own successes. This is a peculiar requirement of women that they should not garner too much credit and should be humble. You should show you are equally competent and hence there is no need to downplay yourself. Having a progeny doesn’t mean the end of your career as most companies provide maternity leaves. The balance of work and family should be well maintained by you as women share more of this responsibility than men.

The Call For Action

Did you know that among the total IT jobs in US only 25% are held by females? It should not come as a surprise that very few women head tech firms because 56% of them leave their IT jobs when they are at their peak. Among top billionaires in tech world, women constitute only 7%. This should be changed and women should make their mark felt on technology. With half the world’s population being women and the percentage of women in tech jobs being way below 50%, opportunities should be underway to pave women’s path to technology. Tech companies are putting efforts to correct this. Providing maternity leaves, flexible work shifts, swift response to harassment, relieving them from night shifts and many other initiatives are undertaken to provide women their much deserved place. Top tech companies, governments across the globe are hearing the concerns of women in workforce. There is improvement in this regard and we can hope women to reach the same success as men or even surpass them.


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