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Encouraging Women Is My Mission

manuj aggarwal is encouraging women

A well-known technology leader and entrepreneur, Manuj Aggarwal, has made it his mission to empower woman in the technology sector. Through his site TetraNoodle.com he has taught over 40,000 students in only a few years. Due to his experience, Manuj noticed that the gender discrimination wasn’t just media talk, so he decided to do something about it:

“I met my wife through computers and if it weren’t for her, I’d be working in an office for someone else right now. On my TetraNoodle.com page I have dedicated a 15 % discount for pupils of this respected gender. This is the first step of many that my company and I are taking towards a decrease of the gender discrimination situation.”

Mr. Aggarwal sees this as a natural thing to do and does not think about it twice. He came from a small town in India and moved to Canada in his college years. He fell in love with computers and left business school for them. Alongside with the educational website, he is the founder of a consulting firm that goes by the name of TetraTutorials.com. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and contributes with free teaching in third world countries. His opinion of the matter is, that wherever you come from or however you start you can build a life that you enjoy, and he is helping others make exactly that happen.

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