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ESL Has Some News For All You eSport Fans

news for esport fans

All you eSport fans ESL has some news for you, ESL UK will be hosting this year’s spring finals of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive premiership powered by Intel and Gaming from Curry’s PC World on 14-15 April. The Best of the Best, Four Teams to be exact will battle it out at ESL UK’s Studio 1 in Leicester, battling to win a £13.000 prize pool and a slot in the European Mountain Dew League.

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CS: GO Premiership kicked off on 19 February, which saw 10 teams across the UK competed in the group stage, with matches broadcast on Monday and Wednesday evening for five weeks. The play-offs will take place 26 March, 28 March, and 2 April, broadcast live by ESL UK.

We are not in the 7th season, the ESL Premiership is the longest running CS: GO tournament in the UK. AS the UK eSports scene grow so goes ESL, as it expanded its roster from eight eligible teams to 10 teams, and this is also reflected in the increased prize pool of £13.000, the largest ever for the CS: GO Premiership

As part of ESL’s Path to Pro programme, the 2018 Premiership champions will get to compete at a European level with a slot in the Mountain Dew League.

“We can’t wait to host the finals of the 2018 Counter Strike: Global Offensive Spring Premiership,” said James Dean, UK managing director at ESL. “The Premiership is really the peak of grassroots Counter Strike in the UK, so this will be a superb competition! We’re very proud to support our UK teams and, through our partnership with Mountain Dew League, to provide them with a direct path to develop into world-class players.”

The ESL Premiership is the biggest eSports league in the UK. The ESL Premiership is being played across four games: CS: GO, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox One.

For more information on the Counter Strike: Global Offensive ESL Premiership powered by Intel and Gaming from Curry’s PC World visit

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