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Everyday Inventions That Make Space Flights Possible

everyday inventions that make space flights possible

Space remains one of the vast, untapped, and unexplored wonders to man. In the recent past, however, that fact is slowly but surely changing with various space agencies traveling and exploring space – either by sending astronauts, through deep space telescopes, and robotics. What these explorations have shown, including all the films about space travel, is that space is an unforgiving and harsh environment.

These space agencies saw the need to intervene, and through research and modern space inventions, have come up with solutions to make space explorations a possibility. For this reason, we have prepared a list of everyday inventions that make space flights possible.


Space flights are costly and the materials used are quite heavy and expensive at that. The Apollo space program costs a whopping $130.23 billion (current dollar rating)! This led to the invention of composites –quality and unique material resulted from a combination of two or three materials. To make such composite, these materials are combined and placed in a composite oven for curing. Production of hard and tough material as a result of a chemical reaction is an invention of our time that has helped to strengthen space ships.

Due to the tough and unforgiving conditions in space, it’s crucial to create just the right composite, which begins with the right composite oven. In line with the guys at https://www.pqovens.com/industrial-oven-repair-services/, such ovens, as a result of pressure coupled with high temperatures, could break down. It’s at this time where repair technicians come in handy even when it comes to commercial composite ovens. So, why composites, you may ask?

  • Cost-effective
  • Quality
  • Corrosion and heat resistant
  • A high rate of survival due to high damage tolerance
  • Remains stable despite drastic temperature changes
  • Robustness, sturdiness, and has just the right mass

Heat Resistant Suits

Ever wondered where those amazing and hardworking brave firefighters get their fancy suits and equipment from? These suits are fire and heat resistant, making them a perfect tool for astronauts to navigate the harshness of space. Due to the changes in elements such as temperature, these suits are made from hardy polymers that give these suits their superpowers. To take the suits a notch higher, modern designs have inbuilt life support systems such as air circulation for cooling if you decide to take a walk in space.

Water Filtration Systems

Did you know that the water filtration system that you use at work is most likely the design invented by NASA? Space flights can take long, and you might be required to stay up there for months. This can be difficult, especially without sustenance supplies. Having a water filtration system aboard spaceships has allowed space explorers to quench their thirst to remain healthy and go on with their exploration activities. It’s the same technology, though a bit sophisticated, that we use in our home and workplaces.

Air Conditioning

In any man-made sealed environment, there is bound to be a production of substances that might be harmful to your health, such as ethylene, which is a catalyst for decaying. There will be odors generated from restroom areas in the spaceships that could wreak havoc to the explorers’ health and hygiene. You also have astronauts who bring on board their lovely plants and pets.

Unfortunately, due to the sealed environment, the ethylene produced will cause the indoor plants to decay faster and cause the pets on board, as well as human life to choke on unhealthy gases. To prevent this, spaceships are fitted with air conditioning systems that are not only effective but efficient. This is necessary to ensure the fresh circulation of life-supporting air throughout the craft.

Workout Equipment

At times, space explorers will be required to stay in space for years in a single trip – even longer than cosmonaut Valery Polyakov who stayed a total of 438 days! Staying for such periods, especially in zero gravity can have dire consequences such as bone reduction and muscle atrophy. They, therefore, need to stay active and in good shape. Onboard a spaceship is workout equipment that allows astronauts to exercise and have fun while at it.

Powerful Space Telescopes

While on our planet, you also have scientists and explorers with an immense thirst for space explorations. You can thank Astronomer Lyman Spitzer for this great invention and modern technology for improving and refining it. The best part is that you have telescopes fitted in space crafts to help astronauts view the vastness of space.

These inventions are just among the many that have made space flights possible in modern times. Unlike at the beginning of space exploration where only astronauts were allowed to fly to space, civilians can now enjoy this vast frontier, but with the above inventions on the checklist.

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