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Exciting FashionTech Platform Opens Up Doors For New Designers

fashion tech platform opens for new designers

The world of fashion is set for a major change when it comes to sustainable production practices. Along with other industries, the fashion industry is under growing scrutiny about the environmental impact of their production methods.

More and more consumers are choosing to spend their money only on brands that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Many designers in the fashion industry will have to change the way they produce if they want to remain competitive in the future.

For emerging fashion brands, this may not be such an issue. Since they are developing their business in this environmentally conscious age, it’ll be easier for them to create their processes and practices with this in mind.

There are plenty of resources and environmentally friendly production methods that have emerged in recent years. Newer brands can more easily make a conscious effort to adopt these from the start. More established brands may have to do a complete overhaul of their current practices to become more sustainable.

FashionTech Is Bringing About A Huge Change In The Industry

With the advent of new technologies, the way fashion designers and fashion brands do business is undergoing a major change. There are now technologies that have transformed the design and pattern phase. And of course, the way brands are marketed has totally evolved with the internet and social media.

More and more designers are recognizing the need to embrace technology to reach their consumers and adopt more innovative methods of production. Newer designers and younger brands are innovating with the way they’ve integrated technology into their business.

FashionTech business Sewport has created a platform to help designers and clothing manufacturers come together. They recognized that it is often difficult for emerging fashion talent to connect easily with clothing manufacturers, and decided to develop a platform to offer them more opportunities and resources they may not otherwise have had access to.

Opportunities For Emerging Designers

It can take many years for new talent in the fashion industry to build their network and get access to the resources they need to develop their business. Sewport has decided to bring about change by creating a platform which connects emerging designers with manufacturers who would be able to handle their quotes and clothing orders.

Most traditional suppliers require orders in bulk, but through Sewport designers can find many manufacturers who are willing to accommodate smaller quantity orders. Designers can also choose between many types of textiles including more sustainable options. The ability to get a number of different quotes from different manufacturers also helps fashion start-ups and designers find a good price to fit within their budget. Quotes can be obtained with the need for multiple time-consuming phone calls and emails.

Supporting The Rise Of New Fashion Talent

The Sewport platform makes it easy for the next generation of fashion brands and designers to progress in the industry by eliminating barriers and opening up doors. Sewport welcomes all new designers and offers them easy access to a plethora of established manufacturers in the business.

If you are a designer new to the fashion business and would like to make some manufacturing connections, set up a Sewport.com account for free today to start connecting. Sewport can help bring you one step closer to seeing your ideas come to life.

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