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FAVr – It!

why don't you just favr-it

Confused about a shoe to buy, a dress to wear for your dinner date, the perfect Mother’s Day gift, or maybe the ideal healthy food for lunch? Why don’t you just FAVr-It! With growing number of choices for almost everything we want to do or try, it gets harder and harder to make a decision these days without second- or even third-guessing yourself. However, choosing just got easier with FAVr – It.

Now, you can seek for others’ opinion when you are at your favorite shoe store and just don’t know which pair compliments your jeans better or what pizza topping to order for dinner. Whatever the dilemma you’re in, whatever options you’re stuck between, FAVr-It is there to help you decide.

Ok, But How Does FAVr-It Help Me Choose?

Glad you asked! If you have a question, you can post it on FAVr and present it to other FAVr users or just your friends with two different options of any random question or any two hard choices you are torn between. Then the FAVr community will help you decide by voting for the option they think you should go for. You’ll be able to see the result in real time.

But that’s not all, with FAVr – It! you can also send instant messages to your friends on the platform, invite other friends to vote for a FAVr and also share and receive multimedia such as images.

Also, you can follow other exciting users on the platform, so you never miss out on what they are up to. Furthermore, you can also find new friends and discuss about each other’s opinion about a special FAVr. There is no limit to the number of amazing people you can find on FAVr.

So, do others the favor of helping them decide between two options they stuck with and be part of a new exciting community. It can be a great amusement to share and discuss about your opinion!


  • FAVr allows other users to help you decide, and vice versa also allows you to help others decide.
  • An instant messaging feature that allows you to exchange messages with other users on FAVr.
  • You can exchange multimedia such as images with friends and other users on FAVr.
  • Share FAVrs with other users to get their opinion.
  • Easy to use app interface.
  • Live FAVr vote updates.
  • Users can leave a quick comment under every FAVr.


  • Currently, you can only ask users to help you decide between two options.
  • Not compatible with Virtual Reality.
  • Lacks the feature to share products from your favorite shopping platforms straight to FAVr.

Remember, you don’t have to make that tough decision alone, there is a whole world of people out there willing to help you choose, but only if you FAVr – It!

Link: https://www.rockndevel.com/favr/index.html

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