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Truecaller Update For Windows Phone 8

Now Windows Phone 8 users can quickly see a relevent list of people through the new Truecaller feature: People You May Know. The feature shows common people you might recognize from a previous social gathering, a work colleague, a long lost friend, or distant relatives.

Numbers in People You May Know are usually shown as ‘private,’ based on the contact’s privacy preference. To unlock the number, a user is able to send a contact request (Premium Feature) to a person in the People You May Know list, and that person can either respond by giving a call back, showing their contact details, or blocking the user permanently.

What else is new in this update?

  • Introducing Truecaller badges : True Badge, Verified, Premium and Ambassador!
  • Faster app launching
  • Now supporting Hebrew

Make sure you get your Truecaller on by updating to version 4.14 in the Windows Phone Store!

Via: Truecaller

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