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Four Step Marketing Consultants

four step marketing consultants

The Internet is one of the fastest growing ways that today’s entrepreneurs can get a business started. One of the main reasons is the low start-up costs and having the ability to work virtually anywhere.  Make no mistake though, there is a steep learning curve when it comes to being successful with an online business. Fortunately, that’s where Four Step Marketing Consultants comes in and offers a blueprint, so to speak, for a successful marketing strategy or better yet, becoming successful as a marketing consultant.

About Matt Law

Matt and Sarah Law are the co-founders of FSMC and the Four Step Marketing process. Matt Law started on the path that eventually led him to start Four Step Marketing Consultants back in 2008. After several setbacks, he and co-founder Sarah Law started their marketing agency, then called Law Marketing Systems, in Deland, Florida. It eventually was incorporated into LMS Internet Corporation as they fine-tuned their Four Step Marketing approach. Since then, the team and their influence have steadily grown as they’ve continued to help small businesses grow. In 2017, with the acquisition of, the company officially changed their name to combine FSMC with LMS under one brand and website.

Their Training Programs

Since 2012, Matt’s been training students to join his organization. This intensive mentoring program includes over 60-course hours, plus an entire back-end membership area of resources to help others become marketing consultants. Though the program isn’t cheap, it is probably the most conclusive training for those interested in jumping into the world of marketing consulting. Four Step Marketing Consultants also is building training courses for business owners. Though they offer many marketing services to help companies grow, sometimes businesses just need a vision for their marketing campaigns.

Starting in 2018, FSMC will be releasing a business training course for practical training for businesses. Though the vision is broad, Matt recently stated in a training video that their values are all about helping entrepreneurs. It starts with those FSMC trains as their consultants and continues to the businesses seeking advice on marketing. Matt also shared his passion for helping nonprofits. When you hear the words “online marketing” we can all agree there’s a lot of hype out there. However, after a few Google searches, you’ll quickly find out that Matt & Sarah have a very good online reputation.

What Is Four Step Marketing

The Four Step Marketing Blueprint, available on Amazon, is the exact outline of the Four Step Marketing process. It’s short and sweet but has excellent customer reviews. The book simply explains the marketing process to help businesses take action. Each of the four steps is easy to follow, and if you stick to the system as it is laid out in the book, you should be able to grow to take the knowledge you have learned and turned it into success. The four steps include; Having Unique Selling Points, Generate Leads with Platforms and Offers, Measure and Leverage the Marketing Arsenal and Automate your Follow up. The book would be helpful for students and businesses alike who are interested in FSMC.

Final Thoughts

Interestingly enough, Matt and Sarah Law created LMS as a marketing agency to help small businesses. However, it’s quite clear that Matt’s real passion is entrepreneurship. I think when he discovered the power of the Four Step Marketing process, he realized that marketing was a way he could help entrepreneurs. They believed in their system so much that they use it to train other people to become marketing consultants. Through their business dealings and training system, Matt and Sarah Law share their passion for marketing and for helping others achieve their dreams of being successful entrepreneurs on the Internet. Overall, I’m impressed with this company and their vision.

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  1. Matt Law

    March 22, 2018 at 10:34 PM

    Hi there. This is Matt Law, CEO at FSMC. I just wanted to say thanks for your post about our company. We feel very blessed and thankful for our progress. Best of success to you and your business as well.

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