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Free Data Recovery Software To Recover All Your Lost Data

easeus data recovery

EaseUS free data recovery saves you a lot of time when you’re trying to recover lost files on your computer. It’s the best hard drive recovery software you’ll ever find out there. If you need a professional help for restoring data from PC, memory cards, digital camera, SD cards, USB drives, EaseUS data recover wizard is the best option.

Instead of wasting countless of hours online trying to find out how to recover lost files or even wasting more time trying to find the right tool that will do the job, save yourself that long & boring process and install EaseUS free data recovery software.

EaseUS is the most effective and secure software that will recover your lost data from any drive. Using this tool, you can recover data from your deleted files, intentionally or accidentally from any of your storage devices.

EaseUS data recovery is divided into 3 groups; the software can recover data in any one of these 3 scenarios. Here are they;

Deleted File Recovery Option

This option allows you to recover files you intentionally delete by yourself, you hit the SHIFT+delete or by deleting all files in your recycled bin.

Un-Formatting A Disk And Raw Recovery Option

This allows you to recover data from any formatted disk, partition or any storage device. This option also includes recovering data from unexpected power loss, system crash, hard drive crash, and software crash.

Partition Recovery Option

This will help you recover data from deleted partition, system restore, disc crash, or boot manager.

Advantages Of Using EaseUS Data Recover Wizard Over Other Data Recovery Software

  • Different types of recoveries are available. As a file recovery software, you can recover a single file or complete hard drive and you can also recover files by date.
  • You can stop a scan and resume later.
  • Before restoring any file, you can preview it before you recover the file on your drive.
  • EaseUS can recover data from multiple devices like pc, external drive, USB drive, memory cards, digital camera…, you can recover data on almost on any storage device.
  • It supports different types device formats like NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and many more.
  • It will not corrupt your device in case of overwrite.
  • It helps in file recovery by creating disk image.

What Type Of Files Can You Recover?

It supports a lot of file formats that are common in our daily activities like; documents, videos, images, and so on.

 EaseUS Data Recovery Software, Free Edition Vs Paid Version

The main distinction between the free and the paid edition is the amount of data you recover, in the free mode there is data recovery limit and there is also limited customer support.

 EaseUS Comes In 3 Versions:

  • The free data recovery wizard: It includes all the features of data recovery but there is a limit of 1GB lost data recovery in this free version.
  • Data recovery pro: With this version no recovery limits and includes lifetime support and upgrade.
  • Data recovery pro with bootable media: This will recover your data if your computer fails to start or any other booting problem. There is free life time upgrade and support.

Whenever you’re dealing with data recover EaseUS data recovery wizard is the best solution that will get back all your lost data. The tool might miss some advanced options, but it only takes few clicks to recover your data, it’s simple and easy to use. It won’t cause any problem to your operating system or overwrite data. Why don’t you try the free version and see how it works and what it can do for you?

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