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GameClub’s Android Launch And The “One-Stop Shop” Trend In Entertainment

gameclub's android launch and the one stop shop trend in entertainment

When it comes to discussing the most popular types of mobile app in the world today, you can’t simply brush by the subject without discussing gaming, and the sector’s impact on the industry.

Smartphones and tablets have become a key way that many people access games, with a study by Activision Blizzard Media and Newzoo last year estimating that a massive 2.4 billion people would play mobile titles in 2019 alone.

New titles and platforms for playing games are seemingly emerging all of the time, with a notable new addition launching on Android in recent weeks.

Going Cross-Platform

In the middle of June, it was confirmed that GameClub had launched on the Android operating system. The platform is described by its creators as an “all-you-can-play subscription home” for mobile gaming, with it offering access to more than 100 games for a price of $4.99 a month.

However, one of the more intriguing elements of the announcement was the fact that GameClub’s release on Android is now thought to have made it the only cross-platform mobile gaming service which is currently available. The brand estimates that more than three billion people with both Android and iOS devices can now access its platform, which features games that can be played both online and offline without any need for purchases or ads.

A library of games curated by former TouchArcade editor-in-chief Eli Hodapp is the foundation of the service, while GameClub has also introduced titles which have not been available on mobile platforms in the past. In addition, the brand added that more content is set to be introduced to the service every week.

A Continuing Trend

GameClub certainly appears to be an interesting new name in the mobile gaming world, with the cross-platform element giving it a unique selling point. However, it could be argued that the platform – which was first launched for iOS back in October 2019, is merely continuing trends which have been increasingly seen in gaming and other parts of the entertainment world in recent years.

For example, Apple Arcade is another mobile gaming platform which offers a similar “one-stop shop” service, with subscribers getting access to a whole host of different games for a single monthly cost. The trend has been seen in video gaming too, with the Xbox Game Pass taking a similar approach and Google Stadia also going down that route as well.

In addition, the online casino industry has embraced this idea for years, with this site explaining how many different brands offer a wide selection of table games and other experiences under one roof. Of course, many of us are now used to logging into a single platform to access a range of content when we want to watch films and TV, with Netflix and Disney+ being just two notable examples of brands offering a library of different experiences. The music world has also embraced the idea, with services like Spotify offering subscribers a huge bank of tracks to enjoy.

Here To Stay

Only a few years have passed since many of us used to buy games and other items on a product-by-product basis, yet these days it feels like that approach is simply ancient history.

The concept of accessing different content and experiences from a single “one-stop-shop” is well and truly here to stay, with GameClub putting an exciting new twist on the options which are available to mobile gamers.

It will be fascinating to see how the platform performs going forward but one thing seems fairly certain – it probably will not be the last time we see such a service emerge in the world of mobile apps.

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