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GeoSurf Toolbar Review

geosurf toolbar review

GeoSurf is one of the more grounded and familiar proxy services out there. Developed by BiScience, GeoSurf offers a network of residential & data center premium proxies.


GeoSurf proxy browser add-on is available on both Chrome and Firefox and packs many great features under the hood.

While testing the Chrome version of the product, I found the whole setup process to be fairly easy and foolproof. It’s as simple as purchasing one of the packages described below, downloading the proxy browser extension and start surfing the web.

The whole process takes no longer than 2-3 minutes and it’s fully automated. The only thing to remember here is to whitelist your IP on GeoSurf’s Residential IPs dashboard.


The design of the proxy browser add-on is simple and familiar. Choose one of 130 countries available, turn it on and you’re good to go.

I immediately start abusing this small add-on, flipping switches, changing from data-center IPs to residential IPs and it kept surprising by establishing secure connection without any leakage while successfully changing physical locations.

As time went by I discovered cool features such as full web page screenshot, clearing cookies & cache (yeah, from within the extension itself) and changing rotation time – only available when the residential IPs switch turned on.

Overall this product has fast response and a professional look & feel.


Everybody knows the feeling when you cannot access certain websites or get limited access, your browsing experience becomes a pain in the neck. It starts annoying you really fast and you probably give up entering those websites altogether.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The cause of this issue lies within your own server, within the quality of the server’s IP and it is very simple to solve.

You see, regular IP addresses are usually just not enough for an all-round browsing experience. They often get blocked or misled by certain websites, they might be too slow or insecure, etc.

GeoSurf’s proxy browser extension operates on both data center IPs and residential IPs. The latter is a network compounded from actual computers located in residential areas across the world providing more reliable connection with the target website because they mask your real IP without any leakage and are recognized as legitimate by your target website.

Automatic Bandwidth Optimization technology used by GeoSurf enables you to get a fast connection from any location with minimal overhead on your local computer.


Before we go into details here I have to say GeoSurf’s residential IPs just work. They work with any web service I tested including Instagram, Facebook, Google, Reddit, 4chan and even Netflix. With 130 countries and a pool of 2 million residential IPs, the usage experience is flawless.

I was impressed by the vast knowledge base they store under their “Integration Guide”. GeoSurf offers many of the feature people have come to expect of a high-end proxy including integration with various task / footsite bots.

Performance & Speed

The overall performance and speed was dependent on the IPs I used. The data-center IPs were seemingly fast but several websites ‘knew’ those IPs. On the other hand, residential IPs were a tad slower but no website, web service or in general – no server could recognize these IPs as coming from a suspicious source.

The act of connecting your browser to a remote server was instant. GeoSurf store very fast gateways that provide faster than ever connectivity.

Now, even though GeoSurf residential proxy network boasts premium quality, they didn’t want to stop there.

They wanted to make your browsing experience much more convenient, so their team of experts created a fantastic proxy browser add-on.

Customer Service

From my experience setting up my test account GeoSurf have a team of experts who are always there to help if you encounter any issues. Seems responsive within the scope of a normal working week.

They claim their Customer Success and support teams are available 24/7.

At the very end of every page on their site they have a contact form so contacting them is simply a matter of going to their website and submitting a short form.

Of course, if you are a customer you will already have your Success Managers contact details for support.

Pricing & Plans

This online proxy browser extension is like a fancy control panel for your residential proxies. It will enable you to use and control your residential proxies simply and easily.


GeoSurf offers a premium user experience for a reasonable price. The add-on is clean and very easy to use, literally just requiring you to select a location and turn it on. There are plenty of locations to choose from which all seem reliable and easy to connect to. All in all, it is a very good proxy solution and certainly worth trying out.

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