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Google Analytics: Taking Your Skills To The Next Level

taking your google analytics skills to the next level

Google Analytics is a very useful add-on when it comes to online businesses. It provides valuable information about a business website’s traffic – the number of web users who visit your website. The function of Google Analytics doesn’t just stop with collecting website traffic data. The collected data is then processed and sorted based on the interactions or types of actions web users perform on your website. The interactions can be as simple as loading a page or can be more specific such as clicking a link on your website or choosing several product categories and going to multiple links.

The collected and processed data are generated into specific reports, depending on the type of information needed. Having the basic idea and skills in using Google Analytics is useful for the initial phases of your business operation. As your business grows over time, there you will need to formulate plans for business expansion, for product or service innovations and for ramping up operations. In order to keep up with the prospect of getting a substantial increase in traffic and more complex interaction data, it is imperative that you upgrade your Google Analytics skills.

Take A Training Workshop

An actual hands-on or online training workshop for Google Analytics is a good way to take your skills in this useful resource to the next level. Training workshops can be effective in further enhancing basic Google Analytics skills because of the interactive environment. Before considering enrollment into workshops or training courses, you need to be equipped with the basic knowledge and skills on using Google Analytics. Also, you need to consider the costs and your availability for enrolling into a training workshop. For the workshop or training course, look for one that has a clear and goal-oriented set of sessions.

A Google Analytics course with Imparture can get you equipped with the necessary skill upgrade to better handle information regarding traffic and interactions with your business website in just a matter of two days. The sessions are concise and focused on the development of business process by enhancing skills that are most directly linked to the data affecting business operations.

Have A Personalized Dashboard

Now that you have taken your fundamental knowledge up a notch, it’s time to apply it on your own Google Analytics dashboard. Although the default dashboard orientation and setting has been already useful, each business has their set of metrics and processes that they consider as important. Thus, the widgets or the stand-alone applications embedded into your dashboard need to be arranged and visible in your dashboard according to their significance in your business process analysis. Having easy access to widgets that provide website traffic data can be helpful in formulating reports or business plans.

Making Segments In Google Analytics

Setting up segmenting can be very useful for your business data collection and report generation. It allows you to look deeper into the traffic data in your website. It isn’t just enough to focus on the number of web users the wanted to access your website. Having a segment added to Google analytics can make you focus on your marketing effort.

You can target a specific type of information like the number of users who made a purchase of your products or the number of users who availed of the services in your business, and work on plans for improving sales and marketing services based on these data. Segmenting can be also a powerful statistical tool as you can work on two or more specific interaction data and compare their numbers. This makes your data actionable as it provides key information that can affect your marketing and business strategy decisions.

Create Effective Remarketing Lists

Remarketing is an efficient and convenient tool that allows you to utilize data and metrics to create lists of site visitors. You can then automatically share those lists with an advertising platform such as AdWords, to show ads as visitors browse elsewhere on the internet. This is especially useful for getting back users who have visited your website but left without making the desired action. As an example, if a user has surfed your product list or pricing page but did not make a purchase, you can show them Google banner ads as they surf another website on the web and invite them to come back and finish what they intended to do and close the deal.

Using this strategy, you can increase your sales rate by conveniently following up on users who have visited your website but had not yet made a purchase while also planning your marketing strategy for potential customers.

Taking your Google Analytics skill set to a notch higher will do wonders for your online business. There are features in this powerful tool that will not yet be fully harnessed unless you upgrade your skills. This tool can also aid in your business and marketing strategy formulation by providing you with actionable data and metrics gathered from your website’s traffic. Thus, in keeping with the growth of your business, your Google Analytics skills should accordingly grow.

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