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Here’s A Very Unique Tool That Allows You To Improve DSLR Cameras

camlet mount for dslr cameras

The Camlet Mount is a unique tool to improve DSLR cameras, enabling easy use of a phone or tablet’s larger touchscreen and connectivity by mounting it directly on the hot shoe. It’s light and quickly adjustable into many positions – designed for you to get the most out of all the apps to control the camera, then edit and share photos – all from one place. Which, since you can use your mobile data through your camera, could literally be anywhere!  We have tested it at the top of the Rockefeller Center and swinging on Vancouver’s Capilano Bridge.


Low profile and forward-facing positions make it great for video and vlogging, and the camera controls can all still be used as normal, including with a tripod or strap. See the full comparison of gimbals here. It gives a much improved live-view without an expensive extra monitor, and we’d argue, has more flexibility too! Our aim is to provide a very affordable solution for anyone to upgrade their camera.

Getting your kit together with Camlet Mount can be either wired or wireless, depending on the device combination. What this facilitates will be fairly new to some –  and with an array of possible device combinations, the information on how to connect can be confusing to anyone – so we’ve condensed that info into a simple guide.

Our package includes a cable (for the device combinations that need it) and two different-sized holders designed to easily switch out phones and tablets, but which grip very securely. We’ve worked hard to ensure all parts give Camlet Mount the best and most unique features a mount can have. For example we’ve also tuned it to a particular level of stiffness that can always be adjusted by hand (without changing any tightening knobs) while staying ultra-stable, and it folds down completely when not in use. Some useful optional add-ons are in the works, like a wireless charging holder.


Take photos or videos then use the stability of the holder for emailing, editing or browsing directly from your location, or a coffee shop nearby. However and wherever, Camlet Mount is designed to boost the capabilities of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Mount, shoot and share – from anywhere.

You can learn more about Camlet Mount on their official website.

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