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How Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Banking & Financial Markets

how blockchain is revolutionizing banking & financial markets

One of the key issues that experts in the blockchain sector discuss is the strict jurisdictions that face the general banking sector. The laws and regulations in the financial sector have indeed made it difficult for the blockchain technology to fully take over the banks. This is not to mean that the technology is not influencing the financial sector. In fact, blockchain is revolutionizing banking and financial markets in many ways. The transparency, immutability, and decentralization that come with the technology as simply make it hard to ignore.

Blockchain In The Banking Industry

Many people know about the power of blockchain as a technology. What is not known is how this technology is likely to affect the banking industry. Some experts have likened the dynamics that blockchain will bring to the banking industry to those that the internet brought to the media.

When analyzed by itself, the blockchain infrastructure provides safety and security like no other system can. In such an industry that is sensitive about data as the banking sector, blockchain brings a promising solution to customer worries. The speed and reliability of the technology are also very attractive. Not to mention the removal of third-parties between people and their money. The overall benefits of blockchain, therefore, are increased speed, fewer costs, and enhanced security.

Is Blockchain Currently In Use By Banks?

With such promising features, you would probably want to know if any banks are utilizing the technology. The answer is – yes. There are already big names in the industry who have not only embraced the technology, but they have also committed to supporting the development of the infrastructure. JP Morgan Chase is one particular name that has put their faith in this technology. Financial institutions like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs are also involved in both the business and research aspects. These firms, among others, are hoping to bring cryptocurrency to the fore in the market.

How Blockchain Can Be Applied In Finance

The real revolutionary features of the blockchain technology lie in how it is being used in the financial markets. To be fair, the technology is not exactly in wide use but the adoption rates are promising. This technology has the potential to disrupt the banking industry and commodity trading markets. Some of the areas that it can change the banking industry specifically include:

  • Fraud Reduction
  • Smart Asset Applications
  • Smart Contracts
  • Trade Finance

The Essence Of Blockchain In The Banking Industry

There are many reasons why the blockchain technology is necessary for the banking systems. First, this technology brings a system that is not dependent on paper and other slow processes. The technology itself is enough to stand against fraud. Secondly, there are too many intermediaries that exist in the banking industry. This is not the case with blockchain. Third, the world is already moving to digital platforms. it is only natural that the blockchain technology plays a central role when it comes to providing financial services to customers. Finally, blockchain technology brings an entire world of digital possibilities. Low costs, quick evolution, and convenience are some of the things that will characterize the financial industry with blockchain.

Issues Preventing Rapid Adoption Of Blockchain

Even though the blockchain technology is making a lot of strides, there are still many challenges facing it. The first one is interoperability. Owing to the fact that blockchain is a decentralized system that is not bounded by international rules, it might be limited by certain systems around the world that are still old models. Secondly, the trust factor is still an issue for most people who already trust their banks to provide the necessary privacy and security. Third, the issues of hacking are always a challenge for all technologies based on the digital infrastructure. Finally, legal regulations, scalability, and energy required to mine bitcoin are issues that are yet to get proper solutions.


To sum up, the blockchain technology might be facing various challenges at this time but it is still the most promising system in the financial sector. The many positive issues that are associated with this technology make a strong case for its future viability. The technology is not only forcing financial institutions to evolve, but it is also revolutionizing the way the average consumer thinks. This technology is no longer viewed as a competing tool. Traditional financial institutions have embraced it and the future for blockchain can only get brighter.

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