How Link Building Can Increase Your Site’s Ranking

how link building can increase your site's ranking

Many of us know that Google has a tendency to rank pages higher in the search engines based on the authority it has assigned that page. In current search engine optimization (SEO), one of the best ways to establish that authority with Google is through the accumulation of links that improve its SEO value. Here’s how link building can increase your website’s rankings in search engines.

What Is Link Building?

A strategy that involves getting similar websites to link to each other by obtaining hyperlinks from third-party websites and placing them on your own. The exchange not only helps visitors to navigate through different sites on the web, but these links are also used by the search engines to crawl the pages of your site. There are many ways to build links and it’s very beneficial to know how to do so correctly and to use SEO best practices. Using shady practices in building links will not help your ranking improve and if you’re caught doing so by the search engines, you could face a serious penalty.

How Does Link Building Help Your Site’s Ranking?

Link building is one of the more important aspects of SEO marketing. If you’re not using these strategies in your current marketing plans, you might be missing out on a practice that could drive more traffic to your site and boost your conversion rate. Not only does link building improve your SEO campaigns, but it also benefits your business in other ways.

Building Relationships

In the process of building links, you’re required to reach out and connect with other businesses and peers. Initially, it will be to let them know about promotions your business is offering. It starts out with your focus on securing a quality link but often there are other benefits in making contact. You might cross-promote each other with guest posts, link exchanges, and more, beginning a business relationship that benefits both businesses.


Strong links improve traffic to your website and improve your search engine ranking. The more popular and visited the site linking to you is, the better the chances that your sales will be boosted along with your traffic. There’s the additional chance that a portion of those sales will turn into repeat customers for really great benefits.

Building A Brand

Building links also benefit your brand. Not only are you establishing yourself as an authority in your given area or field through quality relevant content, you’re also helping promote your business’s expertise, the quality and strength of your goods and services.

Link Building: Where To Start

There are many strategies to help you in building the links you need for a higher ranking. These are methods that have produced results for many from beginners to seasoned marketers.

Competitive Content

We know that quality content that’s relevant to our audience is a powerful marketing tool. One popular method used by many is to find content from your competition that’s ranked well and earned some backlinks. Then strive to craft a more valuable version of it. You can reach out to those who linked to the original content to see if you can gain a link to yours. A time-consuming practice but it might be time well spent in the quality backlinks you might earn.

Guest Posts

By providing fresh, relevant content for another website to publish, you get the valuable link and some great exposure too from the audience of a similar site. Everyone benefits here.


If you’re not immediately comfortable with blogging, why not put together a Q&A? It’s a quick, efficient way to start building your reputation. There are plenty of opportunities for posting Q&As like professional associations within your field, LinkedIn connections, Quora, Reddit, and more. Many websites establish strong backlinks using this method.

Unlinked Mentions

When a website mentions your brand, product, or service, but doesn’t link to you, it’s an unlinked mention. While it doesn’t sound beneficial at first, it truly can be a great way to get a link. With the right link building tools, you can use to find and monitor these mentions, you can evaluate each situation to see if there’s an opportunity for you to acquire a link.


Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO and in achieving a higher rank. In cultivating a collection of backlinks from high authority peer sites, your own site will build street cred and establish itself as an authority in its own right.

Building quality links is not an easy task. It takes time and effort, but the rewards are great for your investments in watching your website rise in Google’s search engine ranking. The boost in traffic and conversions is a wonderful bonus as well.

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