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How This Cyclist Makes $3000 Per Month Blogging

how this cyclist makes $3000 per month blogging

Cyclists are notoriously poor. Even the “professionals” often make around $30,00-$50,000 per year. Sure, you have your folks like Mark Cavendesh who wins enough races to charge higher prices.

But those guys aren’t the norm.

Outside of the professional circuit, cycling is a mash of poor college kids and the doctors and lawyers who can afford to purchase nice bicycles.

For Dave Henly, cycling has always been one of his favorite hobbies. In college, he was one of those “no car” guys, and, on weekends he’d work at the local bike shop.

Once he graduated, he’d often bike to work, commonly, riding 30 miles a day.

It was the only bright part of his otherwise dull days as a customer support adviser at a large call center.

Find What You Are Good At

You know those people in your life who you always call to help you fix your computer? (Maybe you are that person?).

That was Dave, except his friends all wanted his help with bikes. He was the guy they’d drag along to the pawn shops to go bike shopping with them.

He was also the guy who showed his friends how to change their flat tires.

Just like many of you reading this, Dave had a lot of skills he could pull from, but cycling was the thing that he was most known for.

Combine Your Passions

If you take a moment and write out the 5 things that you most enjoy, you’ll pretty quickly land on some great topics for blogging.

For Dave, writing would be one of his top 3 favorite activities. Even if it is just composing an excessively complex argument on Facebook, you’ll find him pounding away.

He always has a notebook nearby for taking notes and crafting stories.

It was one of those hidden talents that is simply a part of his life. He’s apt to overlook it. It’s not until he sits and looks at his activities every day that he begins to understand how often he writes every day.

It was this “light bulb” moment when he realized that he might be able to combine his talents and create something new.

Most of us have these hidden talents.

We like cleaning.
Or gardening.
Or Snapchatting.
Or taking photos.

Anyone of these by itself is a fun skill. But, when you combine them, you get something new and unique.

Monetize Your Passion Through Blogging

The part most bloggers forget about – and the reason very few make money online – is that they don’t evaluate the ways they can monetize their hobby.

There are several common ways to monetize:

Products – Some folks create or import products. Then, they use their blog to promote those products, demonstrate them in action and explain how their products are the best. It is an effective tactic and can create a long-term stream of income.

Training – Most people are willing to pay for a membership or training solution for the hobby or skill they want to master. Many small-time yoga teachers have hit it big by developing a yoga program their members pay for.

Other People’s Products And Training – Dave was busy working and didn’t have time to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. He found a niche in become an “affiliate” for other people’s products and sells them on his blog.

Find An Audience

This might be the hardest part of Dave’s journey. You have to get your blog in front of an audience.

There are many areas to pursue. You can get traffic from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google. You can build a following inside forums and entice them to visit your blog.

This is a skillset of itself, and one that is learned mostly through trial and error. There are also many excellent Facebook groups dedicated to learning how to master your desired traffic source.

Dave’s primary method has been to find specific problems that cyclist’s have and then provide them with affordable solutions to help them find the best bikes and gear without breaking the bank.

He checks places like Quora for questions people are asking, and then creates blog posts to answer those questions in depth. Sometimes his blog posts center around his own problems or challenges his cycling friends face.

Sometimes he interviews experts within the field to highlight their stories and provide a well-rounded look at the sport of cycling.

It is a lot of work, and took nearly 18 months before the site began making consistent money from folks buying the products he recommends. However, today, the site continues to generate about $100 per day in commissions from sales.

Granted, this side stream of income might not be enough to replace a day job, but it provides Dave with an excellent amount of side money he can use to buy nicer gear or invest towards his requirement.

How To Make Money Online By Following Your Passion

The key thing to realize is that this is a journey. You’ll be learning not only how to write or create videos and pictures, but how to do so in a way that your audience will respond to them and share them.

Marketing is everything, and spending time in a book like “Guerrilla Marketing” is an excellent place to start.

From there it is about trial and error.

So find a passion you love. Combine it with another skillset.

And then look for what items, courses or membership programs are selling within your niche. Determine whether you can resell those programs or if you will need to create your own product.

Finally, start your blog, Instagram channel, YouTube channel or Facebook group. Build an email list, and begin offering your products for sale.

You might be amazed at how quickly you can begin making money online when you are trying to help people.

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