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How To Build The Coolest Hotel Booking App

how to build a hotel booking app

The world is living in a hurry. Everything is done on the go including hotel booking for the next holidays. And this is a reality. Since no one can change the world, there should be anything to ease our daily routine. Here come mobile devices and applications extremely useful.

In the following article, we are going to discuss how to build a must-use mobile application for hotel booking from scratch. Let’s get started!

Modern travelers strive to be independent because they’d like to organize an unforgettable holiday only on their own. There is a bit of romance in choosing hotels, mapping routes, booking tickets, etc. It’s likely that you’ll use a smartphone to do all holiday arrangements.

Why To Develop A Hotel Booking App?

Considering, the following fact, it seems reasonable to provide quick access to all necessary resources via mobile devices. And hotel booking is one of the most lucrative spheres for app development. People like traveling and along with tickets, they need a roof over their heads.

And you may have another question why a mobile application? The main advantage of a native mobile app is a high level of user experience. With native mobile apps, the process of hotel booking will be seamless as well as free from stress. It’s more challenging and costly to build and maintain native booking apps for several mobile platforms, but the customer satisfaction is above all.

App Concept

There are two groups of travel booking applications:

Beforehand Booking Apps

Beforehand booking apps are about a well-planned old school vacation. Travelers can book an apartment a month or a half a year ahead. Priceline and Expedia are good examples of beforehand booking apps.

Last-Minute Booking Apps

But what to do when you’ve got ruined plans? Here last-minute booking apps come extremely useful. The examples of such apps are HotelTonight, Hipmunk, and HotelQuickly. Last-minute booking apps give a customer a chance to find and book the cheapest offering at the moment. And actually, it’s a win-win situation for both parties: hotels can rent rooms that are free (and thus earn a pretty penny on the last-minute deals), and travelers can find a great hotel apartment for a song.

What Area To Cover?

Another primary concern is what area your booking app will cover. It’d be great if your app collects accommodation offerings around the world. You can start with a local hotel booking app first, and then cover more areas.

Let’s take a look at HotelQuickly. It covers only Asian countries providing the best last-minute hotel deals for travelers around Asia. Focus on one area instead of covering the whole globe. It’ll be a great start giving you a competitive edge for expanding your business.

Key Features Of Your Future App

Start with building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your future hotel booking app. Why is it better to develop an MVP first? Nobody knows if an app will hit the market. And one more thing, there are a great many of rivals in any industry before all else the app development industry.

Objectives of creating an MVP:

  • Test your product with the minimum expenses.
  • Time saving.
  • Fast delivery of an application which can solve at least one user problem.

Now it’s high time to discover what key features your hotel booking app should have.


The simplicity of your app is a crucial issue to consider when developing a hotel booking app. It goes without saying that your app must be easy to use. The app should take long hours to understand how it works, on the contrary, the navigation should be logical and hassle-free.

Consider placing the search engine on the initial app page. Or you can start with a list of the most popular travel destinations, it’d be super. There are some other placing options available – a drawer menu or a tab bar.

The search can’t go without the geolocation integration feature. It’s really useful, when a traveler visits a city in the first time, and can’t define the current position.

To narrow the search, you should develop some filters. It’d be beneficial if the user has a possibility to create an own list of hotels sorted by price, reviews, and amount of stars.

Personal Account

Creating a personal account is something that appeals to the users while having an account may opt for exclusive discounts as well as offerings.

Most of the existing hotel booking apps have the authorization via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. to make the signing in process smooth and hassle-free.


Assuming that your app encompasses a registration feature, you need to notify the users about the ongoing events, best deals, special offerings, etc. Here comes a notification feature in handy. Taking into account, people are quite forgettable, so notifications will be a great feature to integrate in your app.

Summing Up

There is one more essential thing that every app entrepreneur should know: You have to be aware of the permanent market situation. Staying informed will let you become an active player at the mobile app market. Install new applications and watch them for innovative solutions as often as possible to find out how to improve your app.

Nowadays there is a rise of travel and hotel booking mobile applications which makes hard for a new player to withstand the rivalry.

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