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How To Keep Your Data Safe On The Latest Devices

how to keep your data safe on the latest devices

The technology we use on a daily basis is evolving at an increasing rate, changing the way we organize our lives and stay connected with work, friends and family. We are sure to see 2019 paving the way for some impressive high-tech gadgets, including new devices with 5G network connectivity. Samsung’s foldable phone will give you two screens instead of one, while Brydge’s iPad Pro keyboard will turn your iPad into a laptop. No matter what they are, the latest devices all help to keep us hyper-connected in a digital world.

Cutting-edge technology generally makes life better and helps us stay productive. However, it doesn’t come without risks. It takes law enforcement a little while to catch up with new tech, but hackers know how to steal the data saved on your devices. At the end of the day, you’re responsible for keeping your data safe.

Create Strong Passwords

Make a habit of creating strong passwords for every online account, as well as for each device. Don’t use the same password for everything, and don’t make passwords people can easily guess. Create longer passwords with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, instead of passwords that say a word, person’s name, birthday or something obvious like “password.” To stay on the safe side, change the passwords for your most important accounts every few months.

Beware Of Phishing Text Messages

You may know how to avoid phishing emails, but are you looking out for suspicious texts? Phishing texts aim to look like legitimate companies like your cell phone carrier or your bank, but they’re actually criminals posing as them. They ask you to provide your personal or financial information, which is how they steal your identity.

Protect Your Mobile Device from Hackers

Use a mobile app that protects your data from criminals who physically steal your phone to access your data and from those who try to steal your data remotely. A good one is the Cerberus Anti-Theft app, which locks the phone as soon as you report it lost or stolen. It also notifies you of dangerous public WiFi networks like fake hotspots so you can steer clear of hackers.

Keep Your Identity Protected

You can’t solely rely on your devices to protect against identity theft. Identity theft protection services can let you enjoy your new high-tech devices with peace of mind. A reputable identity protection company can monitor your identity, reduce your risk of identity theft, and provide insurance for the damages in case your data is stolen. Look for identity theft protection that will immediately alert you when your identity is used to open a new account, so you can take action before any damage is done. Though identity theft is never 100 percent preventable, so it’s ultimately up to you to use common sense and keep your data close.

Staying Safe On Your Devices

New technology adds a new layer of vulnerability, but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying today’s latest devices. Protecting your devices and accounts and investing in identity theft protection can give you peace of mind knowing you’re less vulnerable.

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