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How To Keep Your Devices Safe Using Tracking Software

how to keep your devices secure using tracking software

Have you ever been the victim of a stolen cell phone or laptop? You know how stressful this can be, not only because of the cost of the device, but all the security issues you will face going forward if any of your personal information falls into the wrong hands. Sadly, it is often the data on that device that is costlier than the actual price of the phone or computer. No matter how many built-in security features your devices have, you may want to consider using tracking software to provide additional layers of security to those already programmed into the device. Here are some of the reasons why.

A Quick Look At The “Safest” Devices On The Market

There is no question that Apple products offer the highest level of security of any operating systems on the market today. They are inherently safer than Windows and as far as mobile devices go, even Android and Blackberry operating systems can’t compare. So, what makes iOS so much safer? The answer to that is quite simple. Apple’s iOS is proprietary to Apple devices, mobile or desktop, and can only be used on Apple products.

Android, on the other hand, can be used as an operating system on mobile devices built by any manufacturer and no two manufacturers offer exactly the same features. If you want security and tracking apps, you must download them from a third-party vendor. Therefore, as safe as iOS can be, it isn’t sufficient because it lacks those extra features built into third-party tracking software for Mac computers.

What Are The Leading Safety Issues On Mobile Devices?

As mentioned above, theft is the leading cause for concern. More data is breached due to lost or stolen devices than you can imagine. It only takes breaching one company device which falls into the wrong hands to cause significant loss to a business. Small to medium size businesses simply can’t afford that great of a loss of proprietary information and you have seen what happens if something like your client list falls into the wrong hands! Think Ashley Madison and you’ll understand. If you are still wondering how tracking software can help you keep your device safe, read on.

Current Safety Measures Are Not Sufficient

By this point in time, everyone knows that they should password or pin code protect their devices and they should log out of all apps and programs upon exiting the device. This will make it more difficult for hackers to access any information stored on that device. Notice the operative phrase here, “more difficult.” Yes, logging out of all programs and the device will make it harder for thieves to access your data, but unfortunately, not difficult enough. There is keystroke logging software on the market which can help them discover your passwords and within moments they can be accessing your files.

Going Beyond Routine Safety Measures

Tracking software can offer layers of protection that routine safety measures can’t provide. For example, one tracking app developed by Hidden enables you to access your device from a remote location so that you can get a picture of who is actually accessing your phone or computer. You can type a message that will be spoken to the person in possession of your device and you can even log their keystrokes to see what they are typing and to whom. Tracking software of this caliber also enables you to take screenshots of what they are doing on your device and at the same time you can wipe the device clean so that they can’t gain access to anything whatsoever.

Your key takeaway is that tracking software can help you add those extra layers of security not already built into the device’s operating system. It only takes a tech-savvy thief moments to gain access to all your personal and financial information, and this is what they use to drain your accounts of every penny you have. The right tracking program offers all the protection you need and then some. Don’t let cyber thieves wipe you clean.

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