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How To Take Care Of Any Gaming Console

how to take care of your gaming console

For many people, a gaming console is a precious thing to have. Because aside from providing good old-fashioned virtual entertainment, these gadgets also possess sentimental value.

Gamers who grew up in the early 90s will remember the fun moments they have had playing games on the SNES or the Nintendo 64 with its revolutionary controllers.

Because of these experiences, gaming has taken on a new identity. It has ceased to become a phenomenon and has started to cultivate a community of enthusiasts all on its own.

And with the rise of more advanced gaming platforms, gamers across generations will continue to define this ever-evolving tech landscape.

Do you cherish you gaming console very much? Make sure to apply these tips that will ensure its survival through time.

NEVER Rage Quit!

If you are playing a high-stakes game of Call of Duty, expect to lose your cool if the game isn’t going exactly your way.

Tempers can flare up during online matches in which you channel your anger upon your controller. Worse, you’ll find it somewhat helpful to throw the controller at the monitor.

There is no better place to see humans at their basest, but this shouldn’t give you a free pass to damage your console.

So, standard advice: never let the rage overwhelm you, or you will find yourself paying for replacements.

Secure Your Wires

Gaming consoles come with wires, which is cables that connect the controller to the system. Oh, so you’re already aware that wires existed. Cool. Let’s move on.

We all know the struggle we have had to endure when storing wired controllers. It was tedious, and yet adds to the feeling of nostalgia.

If you still own a vintage console such as a Dreamcast or a PlayStation 2, make sure to secure the cables by forming them into rings and tying them with a plastic wire.

Moreover, never attempt to wrap the cable around the controller as it’s prone to damage.

Check Your Batteries

The same level of care has to be applied when it comes to newer consoles. And even if these come with wireless, battery-powered controllers, it does mean you should be extra cautious with them.

If you have an Xbox One, you may want to purchase a battery dock and a basic battery that’s at least 13000 mAh.

However, there are cases in which batteries lose their efficiency and are unable to charge. For this, make sure you take your console out for routine maintenance at a trusted service center.

If you’re in Michigan for instance, you can search for the right guys who can handle video game console repair in Sterling Heights and other cities and towns.

Give Your Console A Thorough Wipe-Down

If you’re storing your gaming console for a very long time, the accumulation of dust can affect its performance – that is if you intend to sell it or play it.

When cleaning your console, use a dry microfiber cloth. You can give it a more glossy shine by spraying it with a not-too-strong cleaning solution. You can then store the console in a cool, dry place. Make sure to place a piece of cloth on top of it to prevent dust.

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