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iKeyMonitor iPhone Spy App – Perfect Protection For Your Beloved

ikeymonitor for iphone spy app

iPhone spy app is a special app that has an ability to record all activities that were occurred in the iPhone, where it was installed. The “all activities” here means everything the iPhone user do on that iPhone. For example, if you type a text and send it as a message, take a photo or save photos from the internet, and even visiting websites through the browser, all of them are recorded in a log data. With spy app, you can access this data and find all of that information. It feels like it breaks the privacy of the iPhone user.

However, if you are looking it from parents, with kids that use iPhone, perspective, this feature becomes really useful. We can use this app as a protection for our kids. We never know what they get and access through their iPhone, don’t we? Therefore, only through this app, we will find that out, and then we can take precaution act to prevent any further damage to our kids, especially mental damage. Fortunately, we have one app we can consider as the best among other spy apps. It’s called iKeyMonitor.

The Reasons

The main reason why we see iKeyMonitor as the best iPhone spy application is the price. It’s cheaper than other similar apps. However, the cheap price doesn’t mean that it comes with fewer features. In fact, iKeyMonitor has one of best features, which make the parental control needs can be fulfilled easily and without too much hassle.

The Features

Here are some of best features iKeyMonitor can give to you:

App Blocker

Like its name, it allows you to block any apps that you think it won’t give any good to your kids. For example, if you found that there are adult games installed on your kids’ iPhone, just use this feature to block it. Your kids won’t be able to access and use it. It’s not only games. Any applications that can harm your kids will be filtered by App Blocker.

Screen Time Limit

This feature will give you an access to set a limit on how long your kids can use their iPhone. We see it as the most useful features in iKeyMonitor. We all know, when our kids play with their gadget, they are like drowning in their own world. They don’t care about anything that happens around them. It only causes damage to your kids’ ability to socialize and this is definitely not good. Limiting how much time your kids can spend on their iPhone, will give them a chance to live normally like what they should be. Plus, you also can use this feature to tell your kids about bedtime, homework time, study time and other more productive schedules.

How To Use iKeyMonitor

It’s easy, actually. What you need is only iCloud ID and password of your kids’ iPhone. There is no need to download any app on the target device physically. Then, you are ready. Your kids’ iPhone has been monitored. All information that you need will be sent directly to your email address. This is a good thing because you can access it anytime you want.

If you have already done some jailbreak on your iPhone, you can no longer use the method above. What you need to do is accessing localhost:8888, register your kids’ iPhone and adjust its setting. That way you will have access to all information from your kids’ iPhone.


iKeyMonitor is the right choice for all parents who want to give the best protection for their kids. This app is easy to use, has many useful features and the service is cheap. Basically, this is the only app that you need right now.

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