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ImageRanger Makes Organizing Your Pictures A Breeze

imageranger makes organizing your photos easy

How do you organize your pictures? Do you store them all in a single folder or do you create a new folder every time when you transfer new photos to your PC? It turns out most people simply do not have enough time to sort out their archives.

Year after year we get more files and at some point, there is a huge messy directory containing many kinds of photos, mixed all together. Some call this problem a “digital mess”. There are multiple tools to help you organize your image archives.

One of the best software was Picasa from Google, but it is no longer supported and is not even available for download officially. Perhaps Google wants us to have all the photos in the cloud. So, what if we want to have them locally on our own HDD or storage cards? With the new software, called ImageRanger you can sort your photos with just a few clicks.

When importing a new photo, ImageRanger will put it to the correct folder. If you shoot pictures with a mobile device, there is a good chance that your photos are GEO tagged. In this case ImageRanger can organize your photo archive using the GPS location information. Would it be nice to have a folder structure like this?

Most photo management tasks can be also very done easily with ImageRanger. Things like rating your images, assigning text keywords, filtering by capture time or location. You can even quickly sort images by number of people to quickly find group portraits.

If there are many duplicate photos on your storage drives, ImageRanger can help to find and remove the duplicated content. Isn’t it convenient to see the number of copies directly when you browse your Images?

For those who shoot images for the stock photo websites, you may be interested in tagging your images with the descriptive keywords. Adobe recommends to have at least 5 relevant keywords for each image. But how would you find the images with less keywords among your archive?

With ImageRanger you can very easily sort your photos by number of keywords. This allows you to find those files, which might require a bit more of your attention. You can view thousands of files with ImageRanger, loaded from multiple folders.

Overall, ImageRanger is a great tool to help you manage your digital image content.

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