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Increasing Performance Of Magento Websites By Use Of Security

increasing performance of magento websites by use of security

Magento development has been the fastest developing website platform in the current trending technologically progressive era. Magento eCommerce store needs to be handled carefully concerning customer’s information on the services and products they want.

If all this information is kept secure and safe, it only means we are one step ahead. Although this platform is the best to cater to its security, never should you ignore that there can’t be the possibility of online hacking. Always put it into consideration since it can lead to a more significant loss if it happens.

Below is a smart and simple list of tips to help improve the Magento-built website security.

Clean The Database Log

You should ensure you differentiate between the most and less essential data in the Magento platform. When you keep all data in the system regardless of the important ones, the system will be loaded hence will run slowly. If you clean up, you will keep the system active and prevent any long stayed data from leaking to the public, and this will improve the security needed in your Magento websites list.

Strong Admin Name & Password

When you decide to select a complex password and a strong administrator name, then you have prevented all unauthorized access towards electronic accounts and devices. It will give online hackers a hard time when trying to trace any login details. To have a good admin password, you are advised to combine uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers when setting your admin name and password.

Use Latest Version Of Magento

Any new launch concerning Magento always has great latest enhancements in the character list. It specifies any insecurities that were noticed in the previous versions and produced the newest version that diminishes the prior risks. Therefore, if you upgrade a Magento, it will reduce online insecurities, avert dangers, threats breaches, and avail new features with bug fixes.

Two-Step Verification

For you to perfectly protect your Magento platform, you should also initiate a two-step verification process. Here, the user must enter an additional verification after he/she has signed to the admin panel. It removes any doubts concerning Magento password-related security risks.

After entering the two-step verification process, the user will then receive a security code in the mobile to complete the login process. The security code sent to the mobile device is always secret, and only the user will know it. Without the system, there will be no breach to the Magento platform; hence security is maintained.


Among the best ways of keeping important files of Magento platform and any other database is by having a backup. In any case, that unfortunate situation occurs including website hack or even crash; the data can be restored if there is back up. You can either use phpMyAdmin for exporting all Magento database or any client’s help for backup.

Install Magento Extensions From Authentic Sources

In the current technological saving market, there are many Magento extensions which makes your workflow simpler and smoother. It is the best idea since it brings in more customers who don’t like to go through lengthy processes. However, third parties that poorly write extensions which may help hackers to access the Magento platform easily and cause severe damage.

Therefore, you are advised to investigate sources of all third parties extension before you install them. You may also check the third party’s reputation and track record and check their customers’ reviews to gain knowledge on extension developers. The extensions sourced from reliable and authentic sources are the only ones to be chosen.

Managed Hosting

Instead of only applying the security, you also need to maintain the server’s safety since it is such a crucial thing. Here, you are advised to move into a club hosting provider that is well managed. If you have this led hosting club, then never have worries on the Magento website since its security patches, and server security is all well catered. Examples of the most trending managed club hosting providers are Cloudways, Nexcess, and MGT-Commerce.


Putting aside the above-explained ways you can use to protect your Magento platform. Also, the following are considered. If you think to lock the Magento Connect Manager and Limiting the Admin’s access on IP address alone reduces insecurities issues. If you also safeguard the local.xml, you will have perfectly enhanced security in your Magento platform.

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