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It’s Never Too Late To Swap Careers

it's never too late to swap careers

When you leave school or college or anywhere like that, you want to start earning money by the end of the month (and not kick off your adult-life as a burden on society), which is why 99.9% of people take the first job offer they get. You don’t care if the job is as far removed from your dreams right now because you need money and a foot on the ladder – you can change careers later on.

But so rarely does that happen.

Instead, you find yourself in that same job for a decade, handing out the same business cards to the same people at the same networking events, your heart deflating a little more each time. Well, life’s too short to spend Monday to Friday feeling miserable, which is why we’re here to tell you it’s never too late to grab life by the horns and change your career.

No One Should Dread The Mornings

Life is meant to be a heart-pumping adventure where each dawn brings about another reason to smile, not waking up with that dreaded feeling you have to go to work now and do that job you loathe. The problem is, most jobs will give you this feeling, especially if you’re ambitious. The only thing that won’t is ditching the nine-to-five, leaving your thankless job, leaping into the deep end and working for yourself. It ain’t easy, but it’s going to drastically improve your happiness.

You Have More Transferable Skills Than You Know

The big reason people don’t feel confident applying for that job they really want is they lack self-belief, and this all stems from that feeling of not being qualified enough. It’s that impostor feeling. However, unless you have an extremely specific job with extremely specific qualifications, you probably have a bunch of transferable skills. Analytics, leadership, time-management, listening, delegation, people-person, motivation – they are all transferable (and sought after) skills.

Learning New Skills Is Easy As Pie

Once upon a time, to learn new skills meant applying to college, staying in college, doing well in college and leaving college with a decent degree, which is great but a little time-consuming when you’re in your thirties or later. But the internet has remedied this. Now you can get an online masters in marketing, leadership, business management and just about everything else. That means you can keep working, keep paying your mortgage (read: rent) and then work toward further skills in your spare time. Simple.

The Workplace Is Shedding Traditions

In case you haven’t realized already, the traditional workplace is under threat and that’s because the modern ways of living have demanded it. Flexible hours, flexible working conditions, remote working, less commuting, disruptive technologies – they are all having an influence. But one of the major changes has been in companies accepting lifelong employees are no longer are a thing; not among top talents anyway. They would much rather do a few years and then move onto something new and different. This has made changing career more possible than ever.

The only thing you should definitely take into consideration is that industries and roles are completely different things. A role is just your function, but an industry determines a lot more than you think. Let’s look at an example. You’re bored in your accounting role but deep inside you feel you want to change the world. Perhaps changing the industry is all you need to do. You could work as an accountant for a charity, for example, and find it fulfilling. On the flip side, sometimes you may just need a vacation and a career upgrade. Let’s take the same accountant role. You could take a course and become a Certified Public Accountant (check these CPA FAQs if you do not know what it means) which will open more doors and perhaps bring more joy into your life.

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