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Lanmodo Vast Pro – Making Nighttime Driving Easy

lanmodo vast pro making nighttime driving easy

Driving is a basic life skill these days, whether it be during the day or night. It is a well-known fact that night driving becomes a tad difficult and unsafe due to the obvious reason of reduced visibility. A night vision system like Lanmodo Vast Pro can prove to be a blessing in such a situation. This article intends to talk more about it in detail.

Lanmodo Vast Pro

In the market of the external night vision system, one company that has carved quite a name for itself is Lanmodo. Even though it launched its brand of products in this segment through the Lanmodo Vast, it has gone one step ahead with the introduction of Lanmodo Vast Pro. The superior 1080p camera and the CMOS sensor by Sony for warning against collisions are features that are new and refined and have contributed significantly to making the brand one notch higher.

In fact, it is due to this technology that the images displayed on an 8 inches high-definition screen become crisp and clear. The 7-sensor system is a complete upgrade to the previous versions and is responsible for the enhanced functionality of Lanmodo Vast Pro. The best news about the product is the fact that it is available for select subscribers for a heavily discounted price at Indiegogo. The kind of financial deal that they provide makes it a deal that is going to be completely worth it.

What Does Using The Lanmodo Vast Pro Feel Like?

The first thing that excites you when you purchase the Lanmodo Vast Pro is the multiple parts that come with it. On unboxing, the front and back cameras and the 8-inch display box are seen and it comes with a mounting stand. After fixing it appropriately, according to your convenience, the real test starts. This involves taking the car out at night and checking the night vision system. When the aforementioned activity was performed, the Lanmodo Vast Pro not only did well but also impressed hard. The front and the rear camera were extremely efficient in their work at night.

All the images that were captured in pitch dark were displayed with high contrast and clarity and it looked like daylight on the screen. It was almost like riding during the dusk. It also gave a clear view of almost 300 meters ahead and gave enough time to prepare and maneuver whenever there was an obstacle on the road. This reduced the chances of an accident considerably. Moreover, while testing the device at night it started raining heavily. The results did not alter significantly and the images obtained were still clear. Thus, it can be safely said that the Lanmodo Vast Pro lives up to its hype in this aspect.

Even while parking the car, the front and the rear camera got activated. The front one had a viewing angle of 45 degrees and the rear a whopping 170 degrees, making car parking in a small space also a piece of cake. The conclusion that can be drawn from these real-time test is that the Lanmodo Vast Pro not only boasts of its superior features and how it is an improvement from its previous model. It showcases it on the road as well. If you are a regular driver at night and have slightly compromised visibility and want to feel secure while driving, there can be nothing better than this product available for you.

Features Worth Mentioning

  • Loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest recordings with the newest ones when the storage is full.
  • G-sensor detects a sudden collision and locks the collision footage, the locked videos will be kept from being overwritten.
  • Continuous monitoring can be performed with the OBD power, which has low voltage protection to avoid draining car battery.
  • In parking mode, both cameras will automatically start recording once the G-sensor detects collision.

Get It At Indiegogo

As the Lanmodo Vast Pro is a premium product, it has a retail price of $599. But on Indiegogo, the product is available for only $209 there as a part of an early bird offer. Since it is a product that is important for driving safety and you can obtain it at a price like never before, head over to Indiegogo and book your device now.

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