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The Lights Of Arno

the lights of arno

Calling all book lovers! I recently stumbled upon an awesome book that needs to be discussed.

The Lights of the Arno gives light to sentiment and voice to issues that are often avoided in every day discussion. It examines the ways we as humans deal with the speed bumps life throws at us. I started The Lights of the Arno just reading for kicks, but reading it forced me to evaluate aspects of my life that I easily glossed over before. This story can take you where you are and show you both how far you’ve come and how far you have to go.

Maysom is a 24 year old expatriate living in Florence, Italy. Every night, he plays guitar for the faceless masses that collect on the Ponte Vecchio, and every night, he runs from the past – a family tragedy and a love he can’t endure. Amid the sweeping landscapes, sprawling architecture, and thousands who don’t know his name, he seeks a place to be new.

Unfortunately, forgetting in a city of history is not easy.

Whether it’s his roommate Simon; Retta, the quick witted bartender; or the unknown girl that listens to him play guitar every night, each forces him to reconsider what he’s left behind, and with each step forward, he feels as if he has taken one step backward. 

Each of them teaches Maysom about the tenuous nature of what we remember and what we don’t, and about the inexplicable human journey of falling in and out of love with the past.

Read the book and share it with your friends!

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