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Limitless Customization & Packed With Features: Review Of Help Desk Software By Sysaid

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Gaining more and more popularity among businesses world-wide, Sysaid’s Help Desk aims to bring functionality, customization, and efficiency to IT help desk software. Sysaid’s software is already used across the globe to help companies from nearly every industry improve IT ticket response times, track valuable internal data, and provide a help desk solution that can be tailored to fit an already existing help desk system.

Superior Customization

One of the most lauded features of Sysaid’s Help Desk is its robust configuration flexibility. Most help desk software requires IT departments to shift or restructure their current IT management workflow to fit the software’s design scope. This can limit flexibility and, more importantly, require time, money, and manpower to adjust to a specific software’s ticket management and workflow requirements. This is not true with Sysaid because it allows users significant depth in customizing its features and configurations, letting administrators tailor the software to fit an already existing IT help system. This makes Sysaid’s inclusion into an IT department much easier and results in a smoother and more effective transition for administrators looking to pick up Sysaid’s Help Desk.

The width and breadth of customization available on both the front and back end of Sysaid’s Help Desk software is impressive and make it a standout selection when compared to more linear offerings from competitors. The amount of options available does have a downside, however, and that’s in initial setup and learning of the software itself. Once this minor hurdle is overcome, Sysaid’s Help Desk offers unmatched functionality with ease-of-use for end-users easily tailored to fit department needs.


Sysaid offers all the features users would expect to see from an IT help desk software, including ticket management, ITIL, automatic routing and escalation, full front-end HTML customization, and remote control that can be accessed directly from the ticket itself, resulting in fast response times and quick fixes. Screenshots are automatically included from the end-user submitting the ticket, giving further data on the problem at hand for IT departments to work with. The ability to custom tailor interfaces lets administrators tailor Sysaid’s ticketing system to work best with its end-users, allowing simple ticket submissions or front-ends with which users are already familiar.

In addition, Sysaid’s Help Desk software includes a self-service portal for users to take advantage of as desired. It also compiles data from tickets to create detailed reports and records to help pinpoint problem areas or times. This intelligent feature creates usable information for administrators to review and put to use in optimizing IT department’s’ ability to respond and fix potential issues.

Automation can be used to help reduce IT workload and create more efficient workflows, with customizable escalation and routing rules to quickly get help tickets where they belong. This further reduces the number of man hours needed to resolve outstanding issues and can increase an IT department’s efficiency.

Overall, Sysaid’s Help Desk is feature-rich, ticking every box needed to comprise a complete help desk software package.

Two Methods Of Use

Sysaid offers its Help Desk software in two distinct platforms: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-site (installed on premises). The SaaS option lets users run Sysaid’s software off cloud servers without the need for manual installation on local machines. As SaaS becomes more and more popular, thanks to its ability to reduce both physical storage space and logistical maintenance, Sysaid’s SaaS version of Help Desk can be easily fit into an existing IT infrastructure. The traditional on-site platform is also offered for users who prefer that route.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Another feature customers of Sysaid’s Help Desk software praise is their knowledgeable and responsive customer support. Users report high levels of satisfaction with Sysaid’s tech support, with live customer help being available to answer questions and fix customer’s potential issues.

Comprehensive Help Desk Software

Scoring big points for keeping up with industry trends and creating its own unique innovations, Sysaid Help Desk gives both end-users and the administrators helping them a comprehensive IT management platform. Its near-infinite customization options let IT departments create interfaces and configure back-end ticket management in the way that best suits their current IT system, while aiding IT department’s’ response time and ticket resolution.

If a dedicated, all-in-one IT help desk solution is what’s needed, there are few options available that excel in nearly every category the way Sysaid’s Help Desk does.

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