List Of The 5 Best Apps For Finding A Parked Vehicle

list of the 5 best apps for finding a parked vehicle

One of the worst situations we can experience is when we forget where we parked our vehicles. After a hard day or after doing many tasks in a short time (multitasking at the office, talking over the phone, even indulging in a pastime on Igrosoft-powered gambling games here) it can happen that we simply wonder where we parked the car and can’t determine its exact location. This especially applies to parking in large garages or in large parking lots where our vehicle is only one of many in a row.

We can undoubtedly say that today the time of looking for vehicles in parking lots, garages, or city streets is a thing of the past because there are great applications that can be much-needed help in determining their location.

Below we present the five best applications for locating your parked vehicle.

#1- Parked Car Locator

If you want to use a serious app that has guaranteed results, look no further than Parked Car Locator. This app has great reviews on the Google Play Store for a reason.

Parked Car Locator is a very simple application to use and you can save the location of your vehicle in an extremely easy way using the interface. After you have saved the location of the vehicle, the application will give you instructions on how to get to it with the help of its integration with Google Maps, which is the most reliable option since there’s probably no better alternative than this Google service.

#2- Parkify

Parkify is a very practical app to use although it’s different from Parked Car Locator. Parkify works in such a way that you don’t have to manually record the location of your vehicle at all, and the application is also connected to Google Maps. An additional element that makes a difference compared to Parked Car Locator is the possibility of synchronizing the application with the Bluetooth device of your vehicle, so this represents a method where your interventions on the map aren’t required to determine the location.

Another way to locate a vehicle is the usual one, which is to set its location. In the setup, you even have the option to choose the name of the vehicle or mark it with a color. The application interface is very simple, the menus are fluid and clear, and Parkify represents another great option when it comes to locating vehicles.

#3- Google Maps

The Google Maps application is certainly not a surprise in this category, but probably many users don’t know that it has some hidden features. One of them is the ability to locate your vehicle on the map. You only need to save the location and that way you’ll know where your vehicle is when you return.

However, we should express a small criticism at the expense of the Google Maps application, which is that the choice of the function to save the location of the vehicle is somehow hidden. In order to save the location of your vehicle, you’ll need to click on the blue dot that shows your location on the Google Maps application. When you do that, a new menu will appear with the option to save the location as a parking spot for your vehicle.

One can get the impression that the function of saving the location of the vehicle should’ve been implemented somewhat more practically because the application itself doesn’t have some form of notification that would direct the user to this possibility. Regardless of that small drawback, the Google Maps application will take you exactly to the location of your vehicle and you only need to follow its very detailed instructions, which we’re already used to anyway.

#4- Apple Maps

Apple Maps is a great navigation tool full of very useful features, so it’s not surprising that it also includes the ability to save the location of the vehicle. We can notice similarities with the Google Maps application because the vehicle location feature isn’t directly available from the start menu, so the user has to find it.

A special convenience when using Apple Maps to locate a vehicle is the option to save its photo along with its location. This can be especially useful when your vehicle is located in large parking lots or in large garages, so you may be able to locate it more easily using the saved photo. Saving the location and directions when searching for a vehicle together is very transparent and accurate, and you will not have any difficulties when using Apple Maps.

#5- Find Your Car With AR

Find Your Car with AR is an interesting iPhone app and very easy to use. It’s special because it includes some AR elements in the vehicle search process that can make the whole process more fun.

After downloading the application, you have to save the location of your vehicle and later you’ll easily find it using a very convenient interface. An additional interesting feature of this application is that it notifies you when you’re near a vehicle. This is a small detail, but extremely useful since the other applications we have listed won’t notify you in this way, and with them, you need to follow direct instructions to get to the vehicle.


All the applications we’ve listed are excellent tools in a situation where you want to save the location of your vehicle and later find it using instructions. Make your choice according to whether you use an Android or iOS device and based on your preferences when it comes to simple applications that directly perform their function or applications that, in addition to basic functions, also have some interesting add-ons.

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