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Make Your Shipping Process Easier

how to make your shipping process easier

When running a business which involves selling your own products, there will always be a lot of things which you need to consider and things which need to happen for the successful delivery of items to your customers. There’s the storage and handling of goods, packing up the items and the shipping arrangements to think about which can take a lot of your time, and here are just some of the ways to make the shipping of goods easier.

Rearrange The Space

The important thing to think about when you are working in a warehouse environment and handling items is the organisation involved. If you want to be able to pick and ship out items within a good time and deliver to your customers within a few days you need to make your warehouse organised. If you are spending hours looking for different products to pack it can have a huge effect on your business and make it much less efficient.

Bring In New Equipment

A lot of the time these days there is no need to rely on the old hands on method. There are new technologies and equipment available to us every single day which will allow us to work quicker and with less effort. A chain conveyor system for example negates the need for handling pallets so much and it will make the process of loading and unloading trucks much easier. Take the time to find these pieces of equipment which can aid your business and it will make a big difference overall.

Think Of The Seasons

Seasonal stock is something almost all businesses will deal with at one time or another, and as we get closer to the Christmas period you will likely be receiving a lot of festive goods to be shipped out. Think about having a section close to the packing area where seasonal stock goes because it is likely that this stock will be popular. It saves time and effort with picking and packing so therefore is a helpful way to arrange your stock.

Have A Packing Corner

Packing up items for shipping to the customer is a large part of the business and it is a part which will directly impact the reputation of the company going forward. The first thing your customer will see when they receive an order from you is your packaging and the quality of it. Make sure you have a packing area in the warehouse and also make sure you have good quality material to use. You can create custom shipping boxes instead of simple kraft boxes.

Place Clearance Items In One Place

If you are a new business, you will need to start thinking of where you want to store all of the items from your old ranges when new ones come in. These items will be the ones you put into clearance and they should have specific area in the warehouse to be stored as one. A lot of people take advantage of sale items and therefore a low level shelf is the ideal place for easy picking and packing.

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