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Making The Most Out Of A New Apple Phone

make the most out of your apple phone

From the early days of the revolutionary iPod, to the iPhone and in the future laptops completely powered by smartphones – Apple has been on the cusp of it all.

Many would argue that Apple tech isn’t as revolutionary, as cheap or as powerful as competitors, but that misses the point. Apple sells a lot of tech – good tech. If you’re into what Apple do, you’re going to end up owning an iPhone, and there’s a lot you need to know about that. With that much power in such a small body, you really need to make the most of it!

First off – you need to protect your device. Smartphones, including the iPhone are more resilient than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. The iPhone 7 is also a lot more splashproof, but don’t dunk it in a pool of water. Invest in some sturdy protection in your phone, or buy into an insurance plan – or both. Accidents can happen and you don’t want your shiny, expensive phone to be out of action because of an accident. Seriously. A good screen protector (tempered glass) will protect the screen of your phone from greasy fingers and splashes, but will also save the screen from a break when it is dropped. A case will protect the inner workings of the phone from all the bumps and bruises that come with modern life and phone ownership. Take this seriously to keep your phone working.

To be fair, iPhone batteries are getting better and better – but you need to look after it to get the most out of the battery. You want it to live for a while, don’t you? Batteries are lithium, which means it will last long if it is treated well. How do you treat a battery well? Well don’t expose it to extreme heats and temperature changes. Charge cycles are also good and will keep the battery in health, simply allow your device to run dry of battery before you charge it to 100%. Do this every once in awhile to keep your battery going.

That’s the hardware sorted, but what about software? Apps & software are freely available for Apple phones via the app store. Get whatever you want! It is essential that you keep your phone updated to the latest version of iOS though, to ensure it is protected from security vulnerabilities fixed in a newer update. Key apps that will see you get the most out of your phone are as follows: Kindle will allow you to read on the go, Photoshop allows you to tend to, and doctor, photos on the move. Get Movie Box from here, which will help you access all sorts of movies. Pocket allows you to store articles for offline reading and Google Drive gives you a full office suite of apps that allow you to complete, and store, your work!

That should be enough to start you off and with these basics, the sky is the limit. Make the most out of the power in your pocket.

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