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Mega Cloud Storage – How It Ranks Up Against The Top Providers

mega cloud storage

When it comes to cloud storage, you need to decide which is the best for you based on the features you need and your budget. Some of the things you also need to take into consideration are the security level, extra features, and storage data limit. There are a lot of services that offer storage, backup, and restoration for your most important data.

It might be hard to pick the best considering that most of them have similar features. In this article we are going to present you one of the best data storage services on the market. This service is simple to use and it is budget friendly.


Mega cloud storage is one of the best online backup services in its price range. One of the best things about the Mega cloud is that it has a high level of security. This way, you will know for sure that your data is safe and that nobody, besides you, of course, has access to it. Because it offers this level of security, Mega might seem a bit pricey compared to other top providers.

Despite this fact, Mega is actually worth every penny considering all of its features. Besides the common storage feature, this service also offers restoration for your files in case they are damaged. This service is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


While some of these storage services might be complicated to use, Mega is a simple-to-use storage service. Its main feature is the backup and it is a great one. Its interface is a web-based one and it is similar to Google Drive. Once you made an account all you have to do is to open your Mega drive space and create folders.

Fill the folders with the most important files with a drag-and-drop feature. You can also use the standalone app which is available for the most important operating systems (Windows, Linus, and Mac). This app also allows you to access the Mega Drive with your smartphone. An important detail about their backup service is that you need to use Sync client if you don’t want to actively back up more files.


This service also offers file restoration which is easy to use. You just need to choose to download the file. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to place the downloaded file wherever you want. The file is going to be downloaded in your Downloads and then you have to move it to your folder.

Another great thing about the restoration feature is that you can download all the files as a ZIP folder, which occupies less space on your computer. This is a great feature for those who want to restore a great amount of data.

Plans And Pricing

MEGA might seem like a more expensive service than other top providers but it offers more than what you pay for. This service also offers a free plan for those who only want to store 50GB of data. Those who need a bit more data space, might want to consider one of their paid plans which have a lot of great features and a high level of security.

  • Free plan- free- 50GB storage- 10GB bandwidth limit
  • Pro Lite- $4.99/month- 200GB storage- 1TB monthly bandwidth
  • Pro I- $9.99/mo- 1TB storage- 2TB monthly bandwidth
  • Pro II – $19.99/mo- 4TB storage- 8TB monthly bandwidth
  • Pro III- $29.99/mo- 8TB storage- 16TB monthly bandwidth

Best Features

This storage service offers a lot of features for those who want to keep their data safe. When it comes to security, this is the area where Mega shines compared to other storage services. Besides the fact that it keeps all of your data secure, this service lets you make your own encryption key. This is better because not even the ones from Mega can see any of your files.

The high limit for free users (50GB) is also a great feature. Considering the fact that some services only offer 10 or 20 GB for free, this service is the best one for people who want to store their data without paying a fortune for it.

Their mobile and desktop apps are also amazing for those who like to check on their files from time to time. All in all, Mega cloud storage is one of the best services for online backup and restoration. Despite its expensive premium plans, Mega still manages to attract a lot of customers who are pleased with this service.

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