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Mobile App Categories That Will Rise In 2019

mobile app categories that will rise in 2019

Looking ahead to next year, we can only guess as to what the biggest hit mobile apps will be. For the most part, we don’t even know the names of specific apps that will be coming out, and predicting which ones will generate legitimate buzz is nearly impossible. What we can do though is loosely predict some of the categories that figure to be most active in the development, release, and promotion of new programs.

Augmented Reality Shopping Apps

If you’re not familiar with the concept of shopping, or at least browsing in augmented reality, it’s something to get familiar with. The basic idea is that AR apps allow people to visually “sample” products in 3D space without having to leave their homes or go to the store. Retailers leading the way in augmented reality already include brands as big as Ikea, Gap, Adidas, Burberry, and Sephora, just to name a few. And most anyone you read on this subject will agree that we’ve only just begun. AR shopping apps are going to get better and much more prevalent in the year to come.

Food Delivery Apps

This is a slightly more random prediction, but it just seems odd that we’ve only come as far as we have with food delivery apps. Programs like UberEats and Postmates are used by a ton of people and do an effective job of turning popular restaurants into deliverable ones. However, as people get more and more used to this sort of on-demand service, both in food and otherwise, it seems demand can still increase in this area. For this reason it seems reasonable to expect that existing food delivery apps will gain more popularity in 2019, and new ones may emerge as well.

Casino Gaming Apps

Even back in 2017 there was actually data to support the rise of mobile in casino gaming, and it hasn’t slowed down since. What happened first was that games people recognized as existing at browser sites or even in real casinos were brought to mobile devices. What’s happening now is that those mobile casino games are getting rapidly more sophisticated and more enjoyable. It’s been a fairly lucrative category for some time now, and there’s no reason not to expect a continuing rise in 2019.

Aggregated Charity Apps

This is more of a long shot, but here we’re banking on societal trends as indicators. The fact of the matter is, as many bad things as there are going on in the modern world, we also appear to live in an age of giving – thanks in large part to technology. People chip in to fundraising campaigns on social media, support each other’s businesses and charitable endeavors remotely, and seek out retail opportunities that give back to communities with a portion of profits. Society is ripe for a fresh category of apps that aggregate charitable opportunities around us – based on favored causes, social networks, or anything else that could result in relevant data collection – and allow us to give as we wish. Here’s hoping it happens in 2019.

Educational Apps

Las but not least, there are mobile education apps, which have come up on this site before. It’s a simple truth that the better our mobile tech gets, the better equipped it is to educate people, and particularly children, in newer and better ways. The hope is that this is not just a rising category in 2019, but that it will continue to grow and improve on a regular, continual basis.

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