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Mobile Privacy Data Report Of Worldwide Users By LeoMaster [Infographic]

The number of smartphone users is growing day by day. A strong need of adding privacy to smartphone has been felt. To fulfill the security needs of smartphone users, LeoMaster has come up with Leo Privacy app, which is considered to be one of the best mobile security applications a user can have. More than 50 million people across the world have installed this app on their smartphones.

LeoMaster has collected the stats from users worldwide and formulated mobile privacy data report based on it. Let us explore the details briefly.

  • How Mobile Data Leaks: The report reveals the prime reasons related to leaking of mobile privacy. Mobile applications, lost phone, Trojans, cloud storage and free Wi-Fi have contributed to mobile data
  • Gender Distribution: As per the report, there are around 68 percent male users of Leo Privacy app. 32 percent is the count for female users.
  • Age Group Distribution: Around 76 percent of Leo Privacy app users fall in the age group between 13-24 years. Almost 1percent users lie in the age group above 54 years.
  • Geographical Distribution: India is the main region which has the maximum users of Leo Privacy app. Indonesia and Brazil hold the 2nd& 3rd largest share of users in the world. Privacy Evaluation: This privacy evaluation of mobile devices revealed that, only 4 percent devices were tagged as fully Almost 90 percent devices were vulnerable to data leakage.
  • How users utilize the features of Leo Privacy: About 6 percent users have activated the Anti-Theft features of Leo Privacy. 80 percent users have installed this app to hide gallery, photos, contacts, images and videos on their smart phones.
  • Preferred Unlocking Option: Most users have chosen the pattern lock over the number lock option.
  • Apps that are locked: Private data is the first concern of users who use this app. Users of Leo Privacy also check social media applications. There is a minor share of users who have used Leo Privacy to lock basic functions of their smartphones.
  • Unprotected Wi-Fi: The reports revealed that,5 percent of Wi-Fi connections are unsafe. This number is less but important data from your smart phone is at risk. There are chances that data can be leaked while using unsecured Wi-Fi links.
  • Apps to Check: A regular smart phone is breached near about 1.25 times a day, which is a mind boggling stat! There is a great need to spy your WhatsApp, Facebook and Gallery time to time.

This useful infographic created by LeoMaster, the makers of Leo Privacy app can help you analyze the issue in a much better way. There are numerous threats to your mobile devices which directly target the data stored. Follow the above-stated points to prevent data leakage.


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