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Modulus Global Announces M5 Trading Platform Launch

modulus global m5 trading platform launch

Modulus Global, developer of such advanced financial technology products as MyExchange, a high performance platform which allows developers to create a custom trading exchange, has announced the launch of the M5 Platform, the first web and mobile trading platform to offer complete and totally customizable source code. Modulus has a long history of innovation in its product lines, including the revolutionary SharpeMind Platform, which used IBM Watson and M4 technologies.

“With the M5 platform, you can customize the source code in-house, then deploy the software on your own hardware. Or, if you prefer, Modulus will customize the product, then deploy and maintain your systems for you,” says Modulus Global CEO, Richard Gardner.

Forex traders and brokers have been searching for a viable MT4 alternative for years, but alternative trading platforms all fell short, as MT4 users found them awkward and confusing. “The all new Modulus M5 trading platform feels familiar to MT4 users and offers numerous advanced features which MT4 does not provide, all while using just one code-base for all operating systems and devices,” Gardner explained. “That’s the Modulus difference.”

Many of today’s most popular trading platforms use the technology developed by Modulus over the past twenty years. Thousands of traders provided the feedback which was integrated into the design of M5, which has been called efficient, intuitive, elegant and appealing.

About Modulus Global

Since 1997, Modulus has provided advanced financial technology products and services to professional traders, brokerages, trading firms, and educational, governmental, and non-profit institutions, throughout 94 countries. The company’s products and services reach over 2.7 million traders and investors around the world.

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