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Moving Companies Utilize Temporary Staffing Software During Peak Seasons

moving companies utilize temporary staffing software during peak seasons

According to Moving Labor, the peak moving season is between April and September, with approximately 80% of all moves happening during this time period. As a result, moving companies are quite busy during this time of year. Helping many families pack up their lives and start anew elsewhere in just five months is quite a lofty task, one that requires many resources and ample planning from all involved – even the moving companies themselves.

That’s where temporary staffing software comes in. Moving companies can utilize it during peak season to find qualified and reliable temporary workers to help meet the increased demand for their services. Here is how.

How Does Temporary Staffing Software Work?

A temporary staffing software system can help a moving company keep track of all candidates the moment the hiring manager puts out the ad seeking help. This differs from a normal applicant tracking software solution, in that it is tailored to meet the needs of companies looking to fill temporary positions exclusively.

Once candidates enter the system, moving companies can evaluate their resumes and credentials to see who may be a good fit for the job. Some temporary staffing software even allows employers to offer preliminary evaluations to screen out those who lack the most basic credentials, saving the moving company time in the business of peak season or right before peak season.

Building a list of the most qualified candidates is easy with temporary staffing software; all the moving company has to do is reach out to the candidates they are interested in. Of course, temporary work being what it is, some people may not be able to work the entire peak season -and that’s when it’s back to the drawing board of the temporary staffing software to see other applicants who would be a good fit for the remainder of the season.

Why Do Moving Companies Use Temporary Staffing Software?

Moving companies could theoretically put a few ads on Craigslist and call it a day, but the work it takes to sort through those applications manually and identify the best candidates is just too great to be worth the effort. Time is exactly what moving companies do not have right before and during peak season.

Temporary staffing software helps hire managers to reduce their workload and find the perfect people for the job much more quickly. It also reduces the time spent organizing candidates. In fact, most temporary staffing software does that on its own, weeding out unqualified candidates before they ever make it to review. All of these features make temporary staffing software attractive to moving companies anticipating a lively peak moving season.

Temporary Help Can Be Quality Help!

While there are other software options out there, none quite compare to the convenience and flexibility of temporary staffing software. As moving companies prepare for peak season, they can rely on such programs to help them find top talent that will make difficult work so much smoother for those eagerly waiting to move into their new homes.

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