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New Trends In Tech Being Enjoyed By Business Owners Throughout The UK

new trends in tech being used by business owners in the uk

Both the business and technology worlds are known for the breakneck pace at which they routinely operate – so, of course, it goes without saying that the past few years have seen an onslaught of new and enthralling business technology, some of it more useful than others.

What, then, are just some of the technology trends that your own firm should be especially noting in 2019, and which are already widespread in offices the length and breadth of Britain?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the technology subjects to have been spoken about most excitedly by UK business people in recent years, and this should be no surprise. Larger firms are now making the most of AI and machine learning to keep a step ahead of the competition, while ‘off-the-shelf’ AI products are becoming available for use by smaller companies.

If you’re unsure how AI is making a real impact within British workplaces today, you only need to think of MailChimp. While this service is popular among firms wishing to send automated emails to customers, it also enables you to add AI-powered product recommendations to simple receipts.

An Ever-More Pressing Awareness Of Cybersecurity

In 2018 alone, such major brands as Facebook, Exactis and Quora suffered major data breaches, as the Avast blog details. It’s therefore to be expected that firms both big and small are now going to great lengths to be more responsible with their data, especially in the GDPR era.

Meanwhile, new solutions continue to be devised to enhance business cyber security. As Stephen Milne of CENSIS, a centre of excellence for Sensor and Imaging Systems (SIS) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, explains: “At CENSIS, we focus much of our cyber security efforts on ensuring security is designed into a device, rather than considered an afterthought and tacked on at the end.

This is important not just for technology developers, but also for companies considering implementing IoT solutions.

The Continued Rise Of The Virtual Office

When a business is only just starting out or the owner of the company is even still working from home, it can understandably be difficult to project the same reassuring impression to potential customers and clients that a much better-established firm with a prestigious address can do.

More and more such business owners have been coming to realize, however, that they can at least ‘cheat the system’ a little by obtaining a virtual office address.

Virtual offices enable companies to acquire a sought-after address, but without the costs or risks of renting physical space – and, if the client wishes to meet the business owner at that address, a virtual office provider can simply provide a day office or meeting room for this purpose.

Virtual offices from BE Offices, for example, allow you to give your firm a London address at such desirable locations as Royal Exchange Avenue, Cheapside or Threadneedle Street, and various addresses elsewhere in the UK are available as well.

With the above being just a few of the key technologies that are reshaping the 21st century corporate landscape – others including the likes of mobile and contactless payments, voice recognition and the cloud – it pays for any responsible business owner or department leader to take note of those that may be most beneficial to their own operations.

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