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The New Wave Of Shipshape Tech

shipshape tech

Cargo transport keeps the world spinning. Food, clothing and other important resources are transported all over the world by the sea. Of course, this has a huge impact on our environment and it costs time, money and endless resources to achieve this continuous flow of crucial goods. That’s why technological solutions are being developed to not only make things easier, but to make them cheaper and help keep our precious environment intact so that the cycle can continue for generations to come. If you’re wondering what incredible ship-based technology is out there on the market, here’s a look into just a few of the incredible ways that the ocean-based industry is being transformed.

The Cloud

Yes, cloud technology has come to the ocean. Ships presently rely on manual updates for information pertaining to their cargo or ever-important safety information regarding the port at which they’re going to dock or weather conditions they’ll come across during their journey. With an automatic cloud system, operated from shore, we could start to see ships being managed and monitored in terms of optimized, time-saving routes based on immediate and constant flows of information, as well as safety updates if needed. Instead of relying on an individual source for information, there’ll now be a network available to all ships at all times. The future is here.

Navigating More Effectively

Trends in technology change constantly, and it can be hard, whether you’re the owner of a small vessel or a huge cargo liner ship, to keep up to date with regulations and the very best in devices and technology that could improve your travelling experience out on the sea. Companies such as Martek Marine are offering solutions in electronic charts to ensure ships comply with training and technological requirements. Navigation technology is always improving, and there are better solutions to the traditional paper-based or outdated technological methods of tracking your ship’s progress. It’s about managing time and money effectively, and new technology is trying to make all these things quicker, simpler and cheaper for the shipping industry.

The Eco Future Of Sea Travel

Every industry is striving towards a greener future to protect our planet, but some of the technologies striving to achieve this in the shipping industry are unique and incredibly intriguing. Even the hull paint used for ships can be applied in a way to reduce resistance out on sea, which saves on fuel consumption and, as a result, damages the environment far less than inefficient application of paint on the hull. Even the propellers are now designed to improve the efficiency of travel, and streamlined designs are incorporated into the building process to help improve all elements of resistance against nature’s elements.

Of course, there are bigger environmental improvements than even these. The fuel ships use is now much lower in carbon than it has been during the past, which has been achieved by refining the quantity of products and byproducts which go into the fueling process. Technology is improving and continues to improve, which helps ship owners and our vital environment alike.

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