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Nine Industries That Will Produce Long Term Profits On Investments

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If you are currently on the lookout for a business idea that will provide you a solid residual income and great growth prospects, you might have already checked out industry reports and predictions. In case you are confused about the numbers and figures, below you will find an easy guide to some of the industries that are likely to produce you a long term stable income and high profit margins, after the initial investment. Whether you have technical skills or financial experience, you can fund your business now and reap the fruits for many years to come.

Financial Advice

In case you have worked in the financial services sector before, and have all the qualifications and certifications, you might be able to start up your financial advisory service. While price and financial product comparison sites are becoming popular, most people prefer sitting down with a real person to ask the questions before they sign on the dotted line. You will have to make sure that you build good relationships in the industry, and sign up for voluntary training and compliance schemes, but you can build a loyal customer base fast, and maximize the profits on each customer, based on free recommendations.

Business Analytics

Those with advanced computer skills can learn business analytic skills, and managing statistical software. Businesses are constantly looking for new ways of reducing the financial risks of their decisions and changing their model based on market reports and customer data. If you can offer a comprehensive package to customers, you will be able to secure long term contracts, and set your prices according to the value of the information you deliver to the management to help them make the right decisions.

Property Management

With the growing interest in property investment and people now owning several rental properties, you can create a business that offers repairs, home improvements, renovation, and regular checks, maintenance. Companies that offer property management services save their clients time and money. You will need to have a few skilled professionals and handymen on the books, but once you have secured your larger contract, you can make the investments worthwhile. From green home improvements to smart thermostat installation, there are several fields where the demand is likely to grow in the next few years.

Food Processing

The demand for high quality processed food is likely to grow around the world in the next decade or so. If you can create a plan and get your costing right, you can break into the food processing industry. While the initial investment is significant, you can make your money back in just a few months, provided that you can secure ongoing contracts. To find out more about the equipment you need, View products at based on your selected food produce and location.

Tax Accountancy

With taxation policies changing regularly, and people starting to plan earlier for their retirement, you can set up a tax accountancy. Business owners will be interested in maximizing their profits and getting tax rebates for investments and research. If you become an expert in the field, your tax accountancy can become extremely profitable, and save your clients thousands of dollars each year by finding the right taxation methods for their needs. Tax accountants can file your business accounts, look for vulnerabilities, and negotiate tax bills, that is why their services are popular among small, medium-sized, and large businesses.

Human Resources Consultancy

The demand for highly skilled professionals is likely to grow steadily. If you have good people skills, you can create your human resources consultancy. Companies that don’t have an HR department, and would like to comply with regulations and employment law will take advantage of your services, and use your company to headhunt talent they need to build a competitive advantage. From providing human resources policy recommendations to dealing with legal challenges, you can help out your clients in many ways, and they will be grateful for your services.

Green Energy Installations

An increasing number of people around the world are now looking for alternative ways of producing energy. If you are interested in the future technology, you might manufacture and install your own solar panels on residential and commercial properties. With government initiatives and incentives changing all the time, many people are now deciding to take care of making their homes self-sufficient themselves. You will need to complete some kind of engineering training and gain formal qualifications, but you can grow your business fast, due to the growing demand.


With the increasing demand for home deliveries, and the growing number of companies needing transportation services, you can set up a company with just a few vehicles, and expand your operations as your customer base grows. It is important that you comply with regulations and get all permits. Start small, in your local area, and try to create contract deals that will make companies choose you. The transportation business can be very profitable, if you have an advanced logistic planning and supply chain management system.

Wholesale Trade

As the world trade landscape is changing, demand for rare and expensive items at certain locations is likely to grow. If you can spot the opportunities in wholesale import and export, you can realize great profits. Make sure you calculate the cost of delivery, insurance, and packaging before you start off, and develop an advanced financial business plan. Check out industry statistics around the world, to find the products that are going to be in demand for many years to come, before you choose which ones to trade.

Starting a company requires careful planning and consideration. You need to look for the industry statistics and reports, study the statistics, and learn to identify opportunities. If you can find the gaps in the market your new company can fill, you can grow your small operations into a large multinational organization in just a few years. Evaluate your investment costs and potential return, the growth for demand, and customer preferences, and you can build a long term success in any industry.

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