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Offshore Software Development – How To Make It Work

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Businesses nowadays are expanding their reach beyond their geographical borders, utilizing global markets to be key players in the global IT scene. Offshore development is one of the major tools that these businesses are using in order to achieve their goal of entering the global market, this does not only expand their reach as a company but enhances the potential for its growth.

Engaging offshore web development services or offshore software development company is a way to outsource company and business processes of IT companies based in abroad. This method may range from outsourcing small business processes to full design and development of entire systems.

Pros & Cons Of Offshore Software Development

The potential for growth and expansion is definitely an advantage of offshore outsourcing Aside from these, there are a lot more advantages to be had and to highlight the major pros and cons of offshore software development, outlined below are the advantages and disadvantages when you work and hire offshore software development teams.


  1. Save more on development costs.
  2. Get access to a global pool of trained and skilled developers.
  3. Take time to focus on other critical business initiatives.
  4. High-quality software development outputs.
  5. Optimized development timeline.


  1. Language and cultural differences.
  2. Travel and communication can be costly.
  3. Potential technological differences.

What Makes An Offshore Developer?

Efficiency and effectivity of offshore software development are highly dependent on the quality of offshore teams. An offshore team, meaning the team of software developers from all over the world collaborating to meeting your development needs. To ensure that you have a great team, the next best thing to know is what to look for when looking to hire offshore software developers.

Below are software development offshore resume samples to help you gain a better grasp of the skills and experience an offshore software developer should have.


  • Capable of solutions engineering, testing & optimization
  • Strategic planning and implementations
  • Well-versed in mobile and cloud technologies and solutions
  • Knowledgeable in SaaS & IaaS Technologies (e.g., AWS, OpenStack)
  • Skilled in global project management
  • Object-oriented methodologies


  • Significant experience with development and management of software release for speed and improved the user experience.
  • Built and enhanced highly available, scalable, real-time and secure systems.
  • Worked and completed projects with offshore software development team to develop, test and maintain Web- and desktop-based software applications.
  • Adhered to high-quality development standards while delivering solutions on-time and on budget.


  • Java, .NET, C#, C++, T-SQL, ASP.NET, MVC, WCF, REST, AJAX, TCP/IP, Sockets, Multithreading
  • MS Windows Server, MS SQL Server, IIS, TFS, SSIS, OLAP
  • Relational databases (SQL, Postgres, DB2, MongoDB)
  • Operating systems (z/OS, z/VM, z/TPF, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Modern UI frameworks (Backbone.js, AngularJS, React, Ember.js, Bootstrap, Node.js, and JQuery).


  • Develop and manage reusable and scalable backend Server Systems, code servers, services, applications and databases that meet critical architecture goals.
  • Develop and maintain Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
  • Work directly with the customer to address issues, collect data, identify and improve detailed requirements.
  • Design and implement innovative solutions across multiple industries and sectors, as well as governments and agencies.
  • Manage testing environments and debugging application issues.
  • Collaborate with UX designer to design and develop high-quality web and mobile apps containing rich content and user interface components.
  • Identify specific issues in the user interface, and recommending and implementing solutions to improve the design of products and ensure high performance, security, quality, and stability.
  • Work across the entire system architecture; from backend to front end, to design, develop, and support high quality and scalable products.

Cost Of Hiring Offshore Software Developers

Aside from knowing what the skills and experience required for an offshore software developer, another very important consideration is offshore software development cost, this is because hiring skilled people may be the most costly aspect of your project.

To give you a hint at the cost of hiring offshore software developers, outlined below are just some of average annual offshore engineers salary from various countries around the world.

  • United Kingdom: £34,000 ($45,500)
  • United States: $82,000
  • Australia: AU$75,000 ($57,000)
  • Canada: C$70,000 ($54,000)
  • Ukraine: $24,200
  • France: €39,000 ($45,000)
  • Singapore: S$50,000 ($37,000)
  • New Zealand: NZ$63,000 ($44,000)
  • Hong Kong: HK$293,000 ($37,000)

It is evident that there is a strong market for offshore software development services. It is also evident that engaging the services of an offshore software development company from Ukraine will be the most cost-efficient option for this aspect of your project.

How To Optimize Your Offshore Team

Understanding the pros and cons of offshore outsourcing can greatly prepare you for working with offshore software developers. Aside from these, it would also supplement your preparations to know some tips and tricks when engaging the services of an offshore software development company. Below are some tips on how you can optimize offshore software development team and get the best possible output for your project.

Tip 1: Clearly define project parameters.

Be clear in outlining your goals and objectives for your project. Ensure that you and the team have the same understanding and agree on the framework, timeline, and limits of the project. Doing this will go a long way in ensuring that the project development will be smooth, timely, and encounter minimal roadblocks caused by misunderstanding.

Tip 2: Ensure consistency in tools.

Working with a team from different parts of the work requires establishing a working system, this includes ensuring consistent tools being used across the board. Having your team use the same tools minimizes the need for additional work, translating progress, tickets, and code to various tools can be time consuming and unnecessary when your team uses the same tools and processes.

Tip 3: Define and enforce quality assurance processes.

Whether we engage in-house or offshore developers, quality assurance is a must on a development project. Because of the spread and distance that is inherent when working with offshore development teams, defined and implemented quality assurance processes become. With this in place, this will add another layer to securing high-quality output of your project and performance of your team.

Tip 4: Utilize the diverse skills of your development team.

Offshore development teams more often than not come with highly diverse skills, and utilizing these will definitely benefit your project. Engage and discuss with your team the skills and experience that they, and go over your plans and parameters for your project. This way, you will be able to incorporate their input and skills into improving your development process and expected output.

Tip 5: Work and achieve in stages.

Plan and execute in stages. With the different stages of development planned out beforehand, you and your team will be put at ease knowing what are the expected outputs at which times. This helps streamline the necessary processes involved in the development and maintenance of your project. Working in stages will provide you and your team a clear roadmap to can be followed and referred to along the way.

Tip 6: Build rapport with your team.

Geographical proximity, time zones, and communication are relevant concerns, however, these should not stop you from cultivating a relationship and building rapport with your team. Having a good relationship and open communication lines with your team will only serve to improve the efficiency and effectivity of your team, and solidify you working relationship with the team.

Greener Pastures

There are definitely advantages to hiring offshore software development teams, and despite the competitive costs, there are ways of maximizing the teams. This endeavor will assuredly lead to expanding the reach of IT businesses worldwide and enhance and diversify business processes. If you we to hire offshore software developers, Mobilunity can provide you with well-vetted and highly skilled offshore teams that will be dedicated to achieving your project goals.

Expand and enhance your business with expert and well-vetted offshore development teams from Mobilunity!

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