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Over The Ordinary: A Yocan Evolve vs. Yocan Magneto Review

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In the past five years, we’ve seen the rise of one of the most successful vaporizer manufacturer based in the major city of Guangdong Province – Shenzhen. This part of China is known not only for its modern cityscapes nor for its major financial center in southern China but it’s also famous for being the home of some of the world’s most booming companies, a befitting abode for one of the biggest names in the vaporizer industry from their side of the planet.

Yocan has manufactured some of the best vaporizers that gave consumers the best value for their money. Yocan believes that everyone deserves a chance to leave the hazardous habit of smoking. Vaporizers have been known to be one of the best if not the easiest way to quit or reduce smoking, that’s why in only a decade it has grown from being a crap-shoot therapy to a widely recognized remedy. Though there’s still nothing best than not smoking at all, the use of vaporizers has helped many people make that transition from cutting back to totally eschewing the dangerous habit of smoking. Whether you’re a tobacco smoker or a cannabis toker, vaping your select materials will greatly reduce the risks of lung-related diseases.

It has been proven that inhaling combusted materials greatly increase the risks of irritation and overall damage to the respiratory tract which also promotes the growth of tumors and carcinogens. By burning dry herbs, both loose-leaf and flowers, thousands of chemical substances are formed and produced that is released in the smoke. Burning these materials consequentially breaks the chemical bonds of the plant by the atom. This process, in turn, allows the generation of free radicals. An inconspicuous compound that when mixed with other molecular substances can be the source of carcinogens.

Yocan aims to be the revolutionary leader in the vaping industry by not only producing vaporizers – devices which aids and eliminates combustion – but by also promoting this healthier alternative through manufacturing affordable vaping devices. The name Yocan has been synonymous with quality and affordability. Instead of being identified as starter and beginner devices, Yocan vaporizers have been recognized as one of the most affordable alternatives to the otherwise expensive vaporizer units. Yocan knows that vaping can be pricey, although with vaporizers you always get what you pay for. Yocan devices aren’t exactly your run-of-the-mill unit, they can perform like most vaporizers twice its price. One of the most famous amongst these devices are the Yocan Magneto and The Yocan Evolve Plus. They’re obviously more than just your ordinary vaporizer and we’re here to show you why.

In this review, we’ll look at some of the best qualities of both vaporizers and find out which is best for you. To help us start, here are some of their features.

Yocan Evolve Plus Yocan Magneto
– 1100mAh Battery – 1100mAh Battery
– Built-In Concentrate Jar – Built-In Concentrate Jar
– Threaded Connections – Magnetic Connections
– Dual Quartz Wax Atomizer – Multi-Layered Ceramic Atomizer
– Micro USB Charging – Micro USB Charging
– Compact and Discreet – Compact and Discreet


Both vaporizers are neck and neck when it comes to their features. At such an affordable price point, you can’t get any better than having either a dual quartz wax atomizer or a multi-layered ceramic heating element. Let’s compare how both atomizers and both their threaded and thread-less design stack up against each other.

Ceramic Vs. Quartz

In vaping wax concentrates both ceramic and quartz atomizers have their advantages and can cater to different types of vaping styles depending on the user’s preference.

To begin with, both atomizer components – quartz and ceramic – are pure in nature. Both are known for their inert attributes which makes them perfect components for heating devices since they won’t affect nor react to heat and produce an unwanted chemical response which could affect the quality of your vapors. After all, vaporizers are meant to be healthier alternatives. While both share an inert quality, they differ in terms of how they conduct heat.

Ceramic is known for having low heat retention which means it can’t hold off heat for a long time. Because it can’t bog down higher levels of temperature easily quartz components, it easily conducts heat and makes the perfect atomizer for people who want immediate and almost on-demand heating. Vaping with quartz atomizers means you’ll experience less to no prep time at all. Quartz heats up in as fast as 5 seconds in just 17 watts of power. On the other end of the spectrum, ceramic atomizers are made for low and slow heating. Unlike quartz, ceramic takes its time and heats up after over 20 to 30 seconds in 30 watts, it’s the ideal atomizer component who wants to reap the benefits of low heating – high flavor retention.

In terms of vapor production, ceramic atomizers ideally yield thin wisps of clouds with flavorful vapors while quartz atomizers are known for lung-ripping vapors though with a slight decrease in flavor. Knowing what kind of experience, you prefer will help you decide which vaporizer will suit you best. Flavor chasers look for Yocan Magneto for sale on both their local vape stores and even on the online market while cloud chasing enthusiasts want the Evolve Plus. Whatever your vaping style is, both these vaporizers can provide you with the best vaping experience at the best price.

Threaded Vs. Thread-Less

Having a threaded connection provides most users with the sense of security the look for though it comes with the pain of having to twist and turn your vaporizer when removing and replacing its parts and pieces especially when you’re reloading. While a threaded connection may firmly keep your vaporizer in place, over screwing or too much winding and twisting can damage the threads and will cause them to be loose over time. You can easily find Yocan Evolve Plus for sale in most stores that feature strong and sturdy threads that won’t get loose even after grueling use.

The Magneto, on the other hand, uses magnetic connections which allows seamless and straightforward removal and assembly. This is perfect for people who are always on the go and for those who don’t want to waste time reloading or changing batteries. It’s the best vaporizer if you’re planning to go out or maybe on a trip allowing you easy access to your heating element while still giving a snug hold.

These are just some of the remarkable differences from both the Evolve Plus and the Magneto from Yocan though both of these attributes will help you determine which vaporizer is best for you.

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