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pCloud: A Solution To Your Storage And Data Security Problems

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Cloud Storage is no more an alien term. In recent years, more and more people have started using cloud storage to keep their files safe from accidental deletions or natural hazards. With the growing demand for data security, many providers have jumped into the bandwagon and started offering cloud service. However, there are just select group of providers who can meet your security expectations. pCloud is one such cloud storage provider, which is a rage amongst online users. Although the sharing features of pCloud resemble with the popular services such as Dropbox and Google drive, but it stands out through some of its unique features.

pCloud: An Overview

pCloud is a cloud storage service, which allows you to store important data/files online. Apart from the usual cloud service, it offers wide range additional offers too. You can access this service from most of the popular platforms like Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows. It allows you to send, receive and collaborate with your friends without bothering about the safety of your data.

Special Aspects

You might have already come across various cloud storage services online, but there are certain features, which make pCloud stand out. Please read further to know more about them.

Virtual Drive

Most storage services use the storage on your device. This hurts, especially if your device is already low on space. However, this is not the case with pCloud, as it is equipped with an innovative technology, which has been designed to create virtual drive on your device. This drive acts as a replica of the cloud drive. Therefore, you can use the virtual drive for performing various actions on your computer with absolute ease. For instance, if you want to upload an audio or video file to the cloud, then you just have to copy the file from the local drive and paste it in the virtual drive.  In this manner, you can stream videos, preview photos or perform any task in your virtual drive, just as you would do in your local drive.

An Array Of Features

As mentioned earlier, pCloud has been equipped with wide array of basic features, which is akin to cloud storage services online. It supports seamless upload and download of your files, managing and syncing these files between your devices, archiving them for future usage, extracting them, if needed, and lastly, restoring them if any problem arises in your local drive. Additionally, customers have been going gaga over the fact that pCloud supports streaming of videos on the cloud from the user’s device, getting notifications, previewing files, and creating playlists of the stored videos.


Given the rise of hacking and data theft, companies are taking extra measures for securing their data. In fact, security is the primary aspect, which companies consider while choosing from the host of storage services online. Through its latest premium security measures pCloud promises to go an extra mile for protecting your files. This cloud storage service uses TLS/SSL encryption feature while transferring data from your computer to the cloud. Therefore, it nullifies the possibility of file redirection through unsecured and unreliable channels. This also means that you will never be exposed to hackers or data thieves. pCloud also offers pCloud Crypto, which is an improvement to the basic plan. This is particularly for those individuals or companies who want added security measures for their data.

Subscription Plans

You can easily choose a subscription plan by visiting pCloud’s website. In its basic plan, this service offers up to 20GB storage, 50GB and 15GB remote upload traffic option. If you buy its premium plan, which costs just $3.99/ month, then you get a humongous storage of 500 GB, 500 GB download link traffic and unlimited remote upload traffic. For customers who are looking for greater storage capacity, pCloud gives them an option to choose its premium plus plan. In this plan, you get 2TB storage and download link traffic, and unlimited remote upload traffic.

Great Download & Upload Speed

Various experts have tested the download and upload speed of pCloud under various conditions and they have only good things to say about the service. You can easily download or upload large chunk of files, archives, videos in various formats. Its speed is not just at par with some of the best cloud service providers online, but sometimes even better. Therefore, this cloud service will always amaze you, especially when it comes to transfer speeds.

Whether you need personal cloud storage or you are planning to set up an online business, pCloud has something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and immediately get 20 GB free storage.

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