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How To Penetrate Markets Abroad As An Online Business

penetrate the market for your online business

The American, Japanese, Hong Kong, Singapore and British markets all suggest that the one true industry that’s consistently rocketing to the stars is eCommerce. Online businesses have exploded onto the scene which means now is the best time for startups to flourish in an entirely new market. There are numerous avenues which a small online business can follow to start growing and getting recognized as a hallmark in a chosen field. Because of the relatively young age of the eCommerce industry, not a lot of techniques have been tried before, so there are many options and bright spark ideas which have the potential to catch on. Now is the perfect time to make sure all your elements for online success are ready to move forward in a united front.

Content Is King

Content that is engaging and relevant to the current day is the type of information and product that encourages people to click onto your website to learn more about what it is you do. Offering a service that the competition doesn’t, will surely get you noticed in among the tsunami of online businesses. However, content should reflect the brand’s tone and style and include a central narrative that is bathed in the company’s mission statement. It should be educational, informative but firm and friendly. Never underestimate the state of a customer’s education about the industry you’re operating in. When creating the best content that will fight off the competition, it should have facts and figures via surveys, contests, and questionnaires to back up the claims it makes so it can be seen as reliable.

Blogs and press releases that have high-quality content is what separates the competent businesses from the dithering and fumbling businesses. However, internet-based companies live and die by their online visibility and credibility, and they’re judged by their customers and fellow businesses in the sector. Search engines play a massive role in getting your business, product, service or campaign heard and seen. Google has acknowledged that fast loading speeds are a subtle yet substantial factor in the ranking algorithm which detects which sources would be best to feature on the page. Your content could be hosted via VPS which looks to be making waves in the tech industry that needs to post updates to their software persistently throughout the year. This is because online customers don’t want to be waiting around for your page to load and for them to buy or compare a product you offer. Impatience and a short attention span for online markets are just a fact of nature, because people who shop online may be doing so out of convenience, but equally, it could be because they don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Mobile Capability And Integrated Sales

Consumers now use smartphones as one of their everyday devices to shop on the go. Which is why creating an app is a robust method of entering into people’s lives at their convenience. A smartphone platform allows eCommerce to make available a whole plethora tools from which they can select information, download updates, seek out and read reviews of the products they’re interested and have the ability to receive real-time notifications. This, in turn, would synchronize your business’ sales channels and enable your consumers to experience your brand similarly whether while commuting or sitting at home in their living room. You can offer promotions of products, newly made and adaptable services as well as your company policies. With the ability to download your app, you can make all of your prices and product descriptions available for customers offline.

All Important Logistics

Scalability plays an integral role in growing a business because, in order for you to accommodate growth, you will need to expand your outreach. This is crucial if you’re planning to expand overseas, as you will need to start using foreign third-party delivery services. UPS, Nippon Express, and FedEx are a few examples of delivery companies that can deliver your product worldwide. You will need to factor into your business plan, how much these services will cost, and set your postage pricing accordingly. Companies you use will have prices that vary depending on the size of the package, as well as the weight and fragility. The distance that products need to be shipped will also be a complex task for your marketing and logistical teams to figure out. Third-party logistics become more affordable and cost-effective as a company grows and begins to handle larger and more frequent transactions; this may boost your connections with the delivery service as you show your business to be a stable source of income for them.

However, when dealing with returns and complaints, it’s vital you have some form of foreign presence in the markets you’re trying to penetrate. If your budget is set within a medium bracket of expenditure, and you simply cannot afford to expand your real-world presence, there are dynamic solutions to this issue. Specific companies have set up ways for your presence to exist abroad without the need to buy or rent commercial real estate by way of international phone numbers. Customers all over the world can speak to your business directly if you set up a gateway through which they can access in their country, but will funnel to your headquarters for you to deal with the inquiry as if you were in the same location.

Data Storage And Security

Equally, you can expand your data storage capability via services like a cloud. More customers mean more data, but rather than buying hardware to serve this need, a cloud service can evolve your capabilities on the web. Virtual offices are another way in which you can mimic a real-world presence without the physical implications of needing to buy an office or building. For both of these avenues, security and virus protection is extremely important to protect your clients and customers from having vital information stolen. These aspects of online business translate to better prospects of investment, search engine visibility and brand credibility which results in more sales and traffic to your website. Increasing internet speed and bandwidth hand in hand with the amount of traffic and interest your business is getting is crucial to remain an ‘open for business’ business; working hard to get customers ready to buy and not being able to access servers is counter-productive, to say the least.

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