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Protect Your Website Against Hackers With SiteLock

use sitelock to protect and secure your website

There are a lot of good security tools, that are just too expensive for new businesses to invest in, and not everyone can afford these premium tools and services right from the beginning stage.

SiteLock is free to get started, and is good enough to secure your website right from the first day of the launch. They have a cloud-based solution, so you don’t need to install anything on your server. All the scans happen over the network by their cloud-based scanner. Their setup requires you to provide them with the FTP information of your website and you can track the scan results via their control panel.

Benefits Of Using SiteLock

SiteLock scans your website for malware, SQL injections, XSS among other scans. They also provide you with a Trust Shield, that can be embedded on to your site to gain trust of your visitors. They have an easy to install plugin for WordPress users. It takes a couple of minutes to signup for SiteLock without the need of providing credit card information for free accounts.

You can attach multiple websites to your SiteLock account. Moreover, you can add multiple users, which can be your Staff Members providing them access to your SiteLock Dashboard on your behalf.

SiteLock is available as a free plugin for WordPress users and scans can be initiated from within the WordPress admin panel itself. They have also partnered with all major hosting providers and most of these web hosts provide discounted prices to their customers on purchasing SiteLock via them.

SiteLock has become a defacto in website security, with hack attempts becoming more and more sophisticated on daily basis, it is highly recommended to secure your website. SiteLock just provides an easy and fast way to do it, all of this with minimum hassle.

Importance Of Customer Support

All web hosting companies provide many tools and services to secure their customer’s website data against hacking attempts. Customer support plays a crucial role in such situations. The risk of getting malware is more on the shared hosting servers, which is being used by most of the website owners throughout the world.

You’ll always want your customer support in reach in case of a hack attempt being reported to you by SiteLock, so that you can secure your database and backup your website files as soon as possible. All major hosting providers are well aware of this fact as on an average 30,000 websites are hacked every single day. For instance, iPage provides 24/7 online support via phone, chat and emails, emphasizing on providing good customer support to their clients.

Final Words

Many new webmasters tend to ignore the need for their website security when they launch. They only realize the importance once they either lose their important data to hackers or worse they get malware installed on their website and get blacklisted by Google, crashing their search engine rankings ending up having a devastating effect on their business.

To avoid such a scenario, website security should be the number one priority of all website owners, right from the beginning.

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