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How To Purge Clutter And Streamline Your Smartphone

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Let’s admit it, there are just too many apps. There are more than two million apps on Apple’s App Store and the average U.S. smartphone has at least 30 apps installed at any given time. Combine that with the thousands of photos, videos, synced music, saved data from games, and you have a complete mess inside most smartphones.

Hastily deleting apps and photos won’t solve the long term issue of smartphone organization. It’s time to go at this with a plan, and one that will last. These are the best ways to streamline your smartphone and improve the digital experience.

Address The Issues

What are the pain points behind that touch screen? Make a checklist of the following categories to see where data is backing up the most:

  • Apps: How many apps do you have and how many do you actually use at least once per week?
  • Photos: Do you have more than 100 pictures on your phone and is there a system to back up older footage?
  • Videos: These take up tons of space. Are you moving old videos to your computer or the cloud?
  • Synced Media: How many offline playlists do you have on Spotify? How many offline movies do you have saved on Netflix?
  • Saved Data: Do you play a lot of games? Check to see how many saved games you have.

Both Apple and Android have helpful tutorials to guide you through settings to see how much of each category hogs your phone’s storage.

1 Homepage + 1 Folder Page

This is the best way to organize apps when you aren’t willing to part with many of them. Move everyday apps, the ones you use at least once or twice per week, to the home screen and create a second screen for only folders. Divide apps into categories such as social media, financial, productivity, etc.

Find Instant Solutions

This is more of a treat for Android users, but phones with a Snapdragon Gigabit LTE modem can use Android Instant Apps — fully capable live apps that don’t require download and storage on your phone. As wireless broadband speeds continue to improve, smartphone features will rely less on internal storage and more on streaming data. We already have that with on-demand video and now we’re seeing it in on-demand apps.

Automate The Cloud

The cloud is now too good to keep everything physically on your phone. Both iPhone and Android make it effortless to upload all your content automatically when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi:

  • iPhone: $9.99 per month buys 2 TB of storage on iCloud, Apple’s native cloud service, which is more than most people need to store every picture and video ever taken on the iPhone.
  • Android: $9.99 buys 1 TB per month on Google Drive, but options for discounts are more flexible. Memberships to YouTube Red or buying certain phones can get you more storage for free. Google Drive also works automatically with iPhones.

Change Your Habits

Remember the show “Hoarders?” The people who sought therapy after getting their homes cleaned were the ones who stayed clean in the future. Going through and organizing your phone won’t change anything if old habits stick around. Remember to consistently do the following to keep your smartphone streamlined from here on out:

  • Delete apps you only downloaded for a specific occasion
  • Purge old pictures and videos you don’t want on the cloud
  • Only sync music and movies for a specific moment, then delete them

There is good news for the hopelessly disorganized — these tech companies know your habits and will keep making software better at sorting out data so that you don’t have to. Just follow these steps, practice good habits and the software will do the rest.

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