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Are You Ready For The Cloud Technology Challenges?

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It is true that many businesses both big and small are increasingly moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud. This is as a result of many benefits that the cloud offers including good service response, low costs of maintenance in terms of data centers and the ability to capture current opportunities that the market presents.

With all these benefits, it is hard for any business not to embrace cloud services in totality but, why are so many businesses still relying on their on-premise solutions?

The immense benefits of cloud technology could be real only if it was only about connecting to an integration platform through an adapter. The following are challenges that are still narrowing the path towards cloud computing benefits:


The biggest challenge that still faces the cloud computing technology today is integration.  This is because integration has not allowed for the successful adoption and deployment of cloud solution and on-premise solutions.  

So, whether the cloud model is a SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, these applications need to integrate successfully within the cloud and between the cloud and the on-premise applications.

The vendors in the cloud market are increasing and this will only lead to segregation of business data into data silos which will not offer full benefits of the cloud to many businesses.

Data Security

Embracing the most current technology in your business is good but, not many businesses like the fact that the security of their critical data is placed in the hands of a third party when it comes to cloud computing.

Business data is a very important asset to any business and as such it should neither be lost nor breached such that it is misused by unauthorized persons. If a cloud integration solution cannot guarantee you proper security, movement and access of your data, it is better to stick to your on-premise solution.

Cloud data integration services between the cloud and on-premise should be able to authenticate and give access correctly, allow access to data from different devices without compromising the firewall and to encrypt and secure data well in the environment of software multitenancy.


The fact that most businesses are still using on-premise solutions means that the cloud applications needs to integrate well with these systems to avoid data silos which does not offer value to businesses.  

The problem is that there are many cloud application vendors in the market each with different customization, rules and security. So, what happens when a business builds point-to- point integration to their on-premise system using different SaaS vendors for different departments?

The entire integration process becomes messy and it will be difficult to upgrade and more so to manage. This will compromise the security, monitoring, accountability and even the compliance of your entire integration system.

Other challenges that still face the cloud technology include flexibility and scalability and the inability of businesses to migrate on and off whenever they feel like. The cloud offers a variety of benefits for your business only if you get it right from the onset.

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