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Real Gambling Vs Online Gambling

online vs real gambling

It is evident that technology has influenced gambling by increasing convenience for mobile customers, making gambling accessible 24/7. With this expectation from customers continuing to grow and increase, it confirms the need for betting shops to feature top mobile games into their shops. However, due to the demand for online gambling sites & apps rather than real life casinos and betting shops, which out of the two types of betting is the most popular? Is the online betting platform proving to be more popular than offline gambling?

Gambling is known to be one of favorite pastimes across the globe, with a huge profit being made year upon year within the gambling industry. As we have entered the digital age, a number of people have begun to contribute to the online betting platform. However, has this online gaming industry managed to capture the lure and excitement of the traditional gambling scene? Let’s take a look.

When gambling in casinos and race tracks, you are able to enjoy a great night out with your friends, have some food, share a few drinks together and enjoy each other’s company whilst you enjoy the thrills that come with gambling. This type of gambling is a very sociable form of betting. You are able to experience the gambling scene at its best due to the grand environments and the atmosphere. It is an experience like no other.

In regard to the online gambling industry, it is a more accessible form of gambling due to the ability to place bets and participate in casino games from your phone. The virtual environment has grown so much already and is still growing and developing. The online platform brings the real-life gambling scene to wherever you may be at lightning speeds. Although you will not receive the full experience that you may get in the casino, you are able to play the same games from the comfort of your own home. Therefore, if you are wanting to take part in a specific game but want to enjoy a relaxing night in with your friends and family, the online gambling scene makes this possible.

As we continued to research into the gambling industry as a whole, we were able to find some statistics to compare that represented the success of the online gambling scene versus the real-life gambling scene.

To begin with, we were able to find out that the offline gambling scene holds 67% of all revenue in the gambling industry, equating to a revenue of £7.7 billion. This leave’s 33% of all revenue being made through the online platforms, equating to a revenue of £4.5 billion.  That stat suggests that, although we are living in the digital age, the offline form of gambling is still very popular, and many tend to spend more money when visiting casinos, race tracks and betting shops in person.

As we continued to dig further into the gambling industry, we were able to find out that, while the most popular form of gambling, which generates the most of money, remains offline, the online platform is still growing and will continue to expand.  To see our in-depth analysis of the gambling industry, provided by Bitcoin Casinos, have a glance at the infographic below.

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