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Say Goodbye To Pills Forever With PatchMD

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Prescription drugs are being prescribed by doctors by the billions and the lion share of those are in the form of tablets and capsules. For most people, this is not a real problem, however, for some, especially those bariatric patients taking oral medications can be problematic. This made it necessary for other delivery methods for these beneficial medicines to be able to be administered by doctors.

One of those alternative delivery systems being used today is called the transdermal patch. This patch when applied directly to the skin allows the medicine to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This helps to avoid a number of issues including possible liver damage, as with pills and capsules that must be digested. As the pills are being digested the potentially harmful ingredients have to pass through the liver and this can lead to unnecessary injury.


While the transdermal delivery system is not a new way to get the beneficial medicine into the bloodstream, today’s new technology makes the patches like those from PatchMD far superior from the previous patches. All of the patches made by PatchMD feature the powerful Nanodirect technology that is designed to release the medication directly into the bloodstream slowly, over a full 8-hour period (either night or during the day).

Who Would Benefit Most From PatchMD?

Many people are used to taking pills, whether it is daily vitamins or the low dose aspirin that are commonly recommended by doctors these days to ward off a number of potentially serious diseases. However, if you are one of those people who suffer from a number of gastrointestinal issues or are a bariatric patient you probably have been warned by your doctor to avoid taking medications in pill or capsule form.

Also, if you someone who has a hard time remembering when you took your last dose of medication, wearing a PatchMD transdermal patch makes it possible to get all of the medicine you need to without having to take multiple pills or capsules each day.

Latest Patch Technology

PatchMD put its latest transdermal technology called Nanodirect, the ultra-slow release of the nutrients or medicine contained in the patch directly into the bloodstream. The secret to PatchMD patches are their multilayer construction of the patch which includes the; Contact Layer, Multi-Nutrient Layer, and Backing Layer.

Contact Layer: The unique, all-natural adhesive is gentle enough to allow it to be placed practically anywhere on the body and have it remain in place all day or night.

Multi-Nutrient Layer: The exclusive Nanodirect technology was designed to release the ingredients throughout the day or night.

Backing Layer: The material used in the backing of the patch was designed to ensure that the patch stayed together and in place to deliver all day or night.

PatchMD makes a wide range of different types of patches using their exclusive transdermal technology. Whether you are looking for vitamins, anti-aging, Omega-3’s, Menopause treatment or even child-friendly supplements, you are likely to find a PatchMD product for you.

PatchMD believes so strongly in their products and they want everyone to get a chance to take advantage of their beneficial products. In order to help make it easier for you to be able to afford to try it, they created a plan for each of their product lines and set up a special discount offer. To find out more about it, just click here.

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