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Say Goodbye To Stress With These Amazing Apps

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According to a recent NPR article, more than 50% of adults will experience a significantly stressful event over the course of a year. In addition to that, more than 70% of adults will experience daily stress to the point that they are showing physical symptoms. Being continuously stressed can negatively affect the body, not only can it lead to depression but it can also lead to over-eating and weight gain. Thankfully however, it is never too late to stop stress in its tracks. Below we review some amazing apps that are great for reducing stress and leave you feeling better, happier, and more alive.

Breathe 2 Relax

A popular app, Breathe 2 Relax is a beloved stress reduction app because it manages to do one simple thing perfectly. Breathe 2 Relax shows you how to correctly breathe from your diaphragm. Providing guides, pictures, and instructions, you will be able to go about breathing in such a way that your body relaxes. You will also get supplementary information on the side effects of stress on your body. This is provided to help you track what things inside you are being caused by stress, as well as a measure for how much progress you are making.


Pacifica takes breathing to the next step. Focusing on deep breathing, the Pacifica app ties in how you breathe with the condition of your muscles. This is done through muscle relaxing exercises. There are daily anti-anxiety exercises that you can make a part of your schedule. There is even a tool bar for tracking your mood. Pacifica makes managing stress a mindfulness exercise through allowing you to keep a journal. By putting down your thoughts and experiences with stress, you can recognize any triggers you may have for stress and better understand why you are stressed in the first place. With this single app, you can get in control of your stress.

Pocket Yoga

Yoga combines breathing with poses, stretching, and improving flexibility. The Pocket Yoga app is an incredible tool that allows you to look up single poses or put together entire routines if you prefer. Pocket Yoga comes with an incredible range of positions to choose from at all different levels of difficulty. Regardless of where you are starting out with yoga, Pocket yoga can make approaching and succeeding at this excellent form of stress relief both easy and straightforward. With the benefits of yoga already known, you have a lot to gain with this simple yet amazing app.

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