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Are You Having Second Thoughts On Having A WordPress Powered Website?

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There are a number of CMS platforms available, but amongst them, WordPress wins by a large margin. It is one of the most opted CMS either for running a personal blog or for business. The reason for its major popularity is because it is highly customizable with different themes available to showcase your creative side and tend to your aesthetic needs. Besides that, it offers various plugins which sure comes handy. WordPress powers most of the websites on the internet today. So if you are a newbie to all things tech and a novice in software and coding, running and creating a WordPress website should not really be a problem. It may seem to be intimidating to you when you think of all the coding and everything, but there’s a first for everyone.

Like all other software out there, WordPress also has its own share of bugs and glitches. But don’t be scared of it just yet. There are scores of articles floating the internet today, dedicated to solving this commonly faced issue. So a quick search will yield you the results and your website will be up and running in no time! Here, are few of the common errors faced by WordPress users.

The White Screen Of Death

This error leaves the users at a loss, with no way to find out the cause of the error, because all you get to see is a blank screen with no error message or nothing displayed on it. What’s frustrating is, it sometimes locks you out of the admin panel, so you can’t access it either. Sometimes it may so happen that it might affect part of your website and the other part may work just as fine. It is the reason why it is popularly termed as the white screen of death, because to a novice like you it might seem to be a death sentence.

It can be caused by a number of reasons, it can either be a plugin, or poorly coded theme or exhaustion of memory limit, or it can be a caused by the web hosting service. If it is occurring to everyone on your site, your web hosting server is the issue and if it is occurring to one single site, it is obvious the issue lies in that specific site which could be an error in plugin or a badly decoded that you are currently using which is causing the white screen of death. But, you should be prepared to do a lot of troubleshooting because it is only a blank white screen that you get to see and nothing else!

Error Establishing A Database Connection

Bad news! This is as frustrating as the white screen of death. It may be a little difficult for someone like you who are just starting out to fix the issue but don’t start ripping out your hair yet. has got you covered; it has some really good in-depth article about how you should go about fixing this issue and other WordPress errors.

This error can happen when you have changed your database login credentials like maybe you have changed the database host, database username or the database password. Or it can be caused due to wrong database credentials. But, other times it can also be caused by the unresponsive database server or your database has been corrupted in worst case scenario To see an article related to error establishing a database connection go to

404 Error Page On WordPress

Now that we have gotten the harder and difficult ones out of the way, here is one error which is easier to fix. You had probably seen a ‘404 page not found’ error page displayed on your laptop screen when you visited one of your favorite sites but could not see a certain post or page. This error is usually caused by an error in the permalink settings, and you may need to reconfigure it, or there’s a problem with the rewrite rules.

Syntax Error In WordPress

Syntax error in WordPress usually results into PHP parse error. It is usually caused when you copy paste a snippet from the web or add code snippets. Either you forget something or the syntax is incorrect. There may be extra commas or brackets, which may seem like such a small mistake, but it is a crucial one having the power to break a whole script.

One good thing is that the error message shows where the problem lies within the code and the location of the error within the script with line number. So it makes it easier for you find the problem and fix it and does not require too much troubleshooting on your part.

403 Forbidden Error

This is another one of those frustrating errors. You get to see a ‘403 forbidden error’ or ‘Access denied,’ when visiting any page or logging into your WordPress website or when you are installing WordPress. This error message is usually caused by badly coded security plugins, or incorrect file permissions or server configuration which stops you from accessing the file or the page.

Internal Server Error In WordPress

This is another one of those error like establishing the database connection and white screen of death error. It is equally frustrating. Like the white screen of death, you have to do a lot of troubleshooting. The error message displayed on the screen does not show the cause of the problem or where it lies. It cannot figure out the problem, so you have to. You may either get this message ‘Internal server error’ or ‘500 internal server error’. It can be caused by anything, a badly coded theme, a plugin, exhaustive memory limit, or corrupted .htaccess file. It may also come up when you are trying to log in to your WordPress website.

Before attempting to fix the errors that you are encountering, make sure that you have safely backed up everything.

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